Monday, November 29, 2010

Had to be badly

I dreamed that I pissed in a hospital bed, not my hospital bed but it reminded me of one time after a surgery when it took me like 7 hours to piss. Then got a catheter.. But in this dream I was ok, just had to piss so badly. I pissed rivers of piss. Then when I really woke up. I had to piss like whoa.

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  1. usually when you dream about peeing, it's because you are peeing the bed.

  2. so question. Do you have a notebook by your bed that you record your dreams in? I normally write down as much as I can remember before I forget. Then I go back to bed and try to remember where I left off in the dream. Ive only had a handful of lucid dreams, but was in control of only one of them. For the most part I know im dreaming but I cant do anything. Kind of like a movie