Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nightmare about my future baby

I seem to dream of prison frequently. Either way, my fiance and I were in some prison. Well i was in the chow hall which also resembled my middle school lunch room try to get food. When someone comes in and steals 2 chocolate milks and gives me one. Then out of no where a nurse rushes in to come and get me. She seemed so frantic saying. "she had the baby, she had the baby and its ok, the baby is ok." Im thinking WTF do you mean she had the baby she is only 9 weeks pregnant how is the baby still alive. Then i go into seeing my fiance laying on the bed looking passed out. The nurse walks me over to the baby. The baby is full grown baby, the eyes are huge and black, the baby is pale with what looks rotting flesh but you could see the baby breathing. It was so terrifying. The baby looked like something evil and i woke up sweating, breathing heavy and terrified.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Zebra girl and martha stewart wet dream with a jedi swift song

I dreamed that jediSwift released a new viinyl.. And it happened. HOLY CRAP. I also dreamed that i made love to Martha Stewart. And after that people i know were trying to steal her large supply of pain killers. Blew my mind.

And the link to JediSwifts new viinyl is here

oh i also dreamed of this zebra girl

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I was shot by a butthurt gangster at a station DREAM

At a gas station with the family and I was walking the dog bruno. I feel like we were on a family trip. Well some black dude walked out of the store and bruno jumped at him. Dude starts running his mouth and I'm laughing my ass off and waking away. The dog starts taking a shit on the concrete. Then idfk y but I hear a comotion and bruno drags me over to some mexican dude and his gf telling the black dude to shut  up because they were enemies. Black dude pulls out a gun they start exchanging fire and the butthurt black guy turns to me gun aimed making some gestures like it aint funny now is it. I let the dog go and went to run out the door behind me when the dream faded and I opened my eyes, here I am typing this dream down.

More facts about the dream . The gas station was in a parking garage it seemed. or perhaps an enclosed structure because the sun or outside was now dangerous. The black dude had a red bandana and the mexican had a blue one. The mexican girl had white skinny jeans and a black shirt with diamond studded belt with big gold earings. Also bruno the dog is a bull mastiff.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fight Club the DREAM

I often times dream of high school friends mixed up with friends from today. Last nights dream was no different. There we were, at a friends house, seemingly drunk perhaps. When we all decided that we needed some excitement in our life. Much like the plot of fight club. Then the chaos started, every man for himself. The main key i remembered was my class ring being still on my hand. After the fight i felt like my ring finger was broken and we all laughed about it. I woke up from this dream feeling the relief one feels after such excitement. The dream was amazing.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Swimming with the fishes dream

Walking around the closed aquarium at night with two girls and a shark.. No big deal, the shark had a monocle and a top hat. I kept asking him to put his pipe out so we didn't get caught. He kept making jokes like "this isn't a kitchen and yet theirs bitches.. Your point is invalid" lolwut.. His point made sense. So I didn't question it. Then we started discussing ancient aliens and how the idea seemed way more believable then God.. Then I woke up to my baby mama. She was still dreaming. :/

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dream Car chase that leads to a hipster bike chase in the snow..

I dreamed that i was DRIVING Frantically, as if i could feel his stank breath on the back of my neck. My silver ford escort was breaking down miss firing. Finally I lost him, i pulled into Enterprise to swap out my car when the escort sputtered to its doom. I tried to get it restarted but it wouldnt start. Then i could feel him as if he was creeping around the corner, so i peep over. HE WAS. OHHHHHH FFFFFUUUUUUUUU. I see someone riding a bike like this

so I decided to  i needed that bicycle. Soon as i knocked him off then jumped on it and took off. The weather changed. It was now snowing and raining at the same time. The bike was hard to pedal through the snow and i could hear the evil laughs of the maniac behind me. I hit a bump and fall face forward into a slushy puddle. Soaked to the bone now and shivering. To my left was a guard rail that was guarding entrance to a downward slopped graveyard. I started running down the hill which led to a trip and fall into a roll down the hill where i hit every single headstone on the way down.. Then I woke up.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hcg Boost Weight Loss and Pomegrante tree DREAMS

My First Dream:
I came to dream realization sitting in front of a computer working on a SEO project on a weight loss supplement known as hcg boost for some girl I met on the internet named Jessica. She had her boyfriend there who just so happened to be a dick, so i remembered in the dream that i was setting up payment insurance style easter eggs into the coding of the site because i kept getting the feeling that he wasnt going to pay me, at the same time i was also copying all the files from his Hard Drive with hopes of getting some n00d pix of said chick. Then i noticed this douche bag had a medicine bottle full of high grade refer which i then commence to stealing cause if i wasnt getting paid for my service i might as well get the reefer. This dream didnt seem to last very long and faded rather fast.

My Second Dream:
I was in a field of flowers and pomegranate trees. All by myself. I could feel all the flowers, and smell all the scents that fumigated the air to beautifully. This place was very tranquil. I went semi lucid and was aware of being dreaming, but the sites and colors were so vivid that they woke me up. I wish i could some how stay in this place as long as i wanted. Perhaps even get lost there.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Neverland met Wonderland

So last night i had a dream that i had peter pan like powers, mixed with Super Sayian and in the land of wonderland. The dream was rather intense and i actually hated waking up from it. All i remember is saving the mad hatter from these lizard people that were coming up from the sands. The dream started off as the mad hatter passed me in his crazy car shaped like a hat. It was almost Tim Burton style scenery. Everything was vibrantly colored and beautiful. The beastly's were equally as dangerous and ferocious looking but it was deff fun. I cant wait till gaming crosses the boarder of what reality is and i get to fully experience worlds like that.

Sadly alice wasnt there tho.

and neither was this place.. but this is neverland... minus michael jackson..

Thursday, November 24, 2011

ALIENS ancient or not.. they are SCARY AF

I have been watching History Channels Ancient Aliens now since the show aired April 20, 2010. Intriuged by the concepts presented i just cant wait till the new episodes come out. So because of this, i have created a few android apps that offer the Book of Enoch.

I guess this is why i have been dreaming of aliens comming down to earth. In my dreams they start colleges that they force us to attend. Also, the people who do no comply to their wishes are killed on the spot. I wonder what this dream means? Could it be foreshadowing? Or are they just my imagination mixing with wishful thinking?

Is such a thing even possible?

Monday, November 21, 2011


Long time no dream. Whats up folks! So, ive been dreaming of a white Christmas.. Yea.. not really. Ive actually been having alot of negative dreams. TONS AND TONS of negative dreams. Last night for instance, I dreamed I was walking in the woods with some dream characters when we stumble upon an old shack like house. We walked into this dirty abode and it instantly felt like the house from Texas chainsaw massacre, well the decor anyways, not the size. Well i walk into this room and find a girl sleeping on a bed, or hiding, or ignoring us. Im not sure which. I tried to wake her up to ask her some questions (idky just my curious nature) and i heard some evil voice warning me to leave. So we start to scramble out when the girl, now up and out of the bed, looking like this....

Kills my dream characters then begins to eat them. Im trying to remain calm and start to become a little more lucid. I run up to a brick house and use one of my "lucid dream abilities" and teleport into the house through the bricks. Once that occurs i feel a little more safe then the dream fades..

Something else I am starting to notice. I have been dreaming alot about being in a sort of prison. Well its not really a prison, just a sort of encampment that I am not allowed to leave. The living quarters are co-ed. And i dont feel like im there for doing something wrong, BUT more like, im there to learn something. The dream-scape is reoccurring and always contains people I know. It almost feels like its a spiritual learning encampment.

I have talked about this before. The idea that when one sleeps they visit other versions of reality that they are apart of. Life inside of life inside of life. I have noticed that my dream-scape's descend in the same order they ascend. So once i go from dream one (waking life) into dream two (dreamed life) i will come back from dream two back into dream one. BUT they go way deeper then that. LAYERS BEYOND LAYERS deep of different lives that we live. Each life containing memories and people similar to the waking life. Fractals EVERYWHERE. To the brain, there is no difference in waking reality and dreamed reality. We learn from both, and in fact learn more from our dreams since dreams seem to dilate time.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Witches and Encryption

Im not sure what i was dreaming about last night, nothing seemed concrete, or clear. Just what felt like nonsense, like my thoughts were all encrypted and i couldn't even break the encryption. I dreamed of a few more witches, which was pretty mind blowing. I couldnt really understand them though, at all.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wild the way the mind works

Dream upon dream. Inception almost. I felt like last night this girl my mind manifested and I, had this crazy adventure. It was like we were locked in by this mysterious  compounds. Almost like a prison, yet free roam, and co_ed. Perhaps like we were quaritined by a questionable force, but more like for our own good and learning. Anyways, she started running away from me as if for me to chase her. This is when I went sort of lucid. And walked through two walls. She runs down this flight of stairs and I jump down them after her. Once this flirty game of cat and mouse ends at the bottom of like 10 flights if stairs we end up at the door way to a huge  dark launchpad, felt like we were in the wrong place. So I pulled  her curious ass back out of immenint danger, then woke up longing for a manifestation of my mind, wondering of  her safety.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Witches witches witches everywhere

Last night i dreamed of witches, as if my life was a living example of  macbeth or something. It was kind of terrifying. What is so crazy about the dream, is the fact that my girlfriends preacher Father was there trying to exorcise the demons that were possessing everything, and i was like "THIS SHIT AINT REAL". But he insisted that it was and he was going to shoot me with a water pistol filled with holy water. I didnt really know what to think or what to do, shit was getting REAL crazy.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Down the rabbit hole and back the infinite life we live.

Dreams, dreams, dreams, oh how i have missed you and now glad you have returned to me. I've talked numerous times about the side effects marijuana and alcohol have on dreaming. Short story, they hurt your dreaming while doing them but when you stop, your dreams come back like 10 fold.


The dream i woke up from this morning was one of the most clear non lucid dreams i have had in a really long time. I awoke walking into a small room with doctor equipment all over the place. I sat on the bed and waited anxiously as the doctor walked in. In that state i knew why i was there, and what was going to happen. The doctor walks in looking all dr'ish prepped for immediate surgery. He lays me down and puts what seems to be an anastesia mask on my face. My reason for being in there was to fix something wrong with my face, not anything new to me since i was born with a bi-lateral cleft lip and palate. The doctor silently rubs some local anastetic on the inside of the mask and i calmly follow the pattern. Sullying myself into the heavy hypnosis the drugs normally induce. While in that state of halfway there, i remember the dr starting to put something in my throat asking me to make vibrations with my voice at a certain pitch so he could fix it, i remember trying to say i cant do this but i will try, and he said "good good, just keep going, you are doing fine, ALRIGHT HOLD THAT YOU GOT IT" and  felt a small pinch as if he started to sow up something in my throat or perhaps just pierce it with a needle. Then he says "just stay just like you are, you are doing really really good, i have to get something and then ill be almost done, hang in there". Sitting there with this thing in my mouth i could feel with my tongue and teeth, and the small pain i could feel while swallowing, the whole time still feeling completely sedated. He returns after what felt like a few mins. He starts counting.. ONE, TWO, THREE, i felt a huge POP in my throat and I woke up in my bed instantly. First thing i did was swallow then feel for my throat. Everything was back to normal and here i was. in my own bed next to my gf, who i then woke up and told her about the dream.

This dream is actually just the last dream of a set of dreams that i had. I woke up earlier in the day with both of my arms completely numb around 6:30 am. In about two hours i had what felt like 6 hours of dreaming. Each one felt like a different life that i had steped into, complete with emotions and memories attached to that specific life. Like i had been that person many many many many times.

What if we really are not just one "person". Like for instance, in the reality that i return to in order to write this blog post could be just one instance in which i exist. What if when i dream, the self similarity property that everything in the universe adheres too also adheres to dreaming as continuation of life. Every life i go into is as complete with experience as this one is, with its own memories and loved ones. What if we are not only 1 person but infinite PEOPLE, and that is what makes us who we are, trans dimensional patterns of energy and awareness. What if we are all gods/universe . Dream experiences could prove infinite life. I think, every night when we sleep, we return to those lives and live just like we do when we wake up in this life. Its been so weird lately because my dreams have been returning, and it feels like everyone in those dreams are glad to see me, as if i have been away on some long trip, people asking me if i'm ok and i just blow it off like, yea im cool guise thanks for asking! Such familiarity on all of their faces. Certain times often feeling like this body i occupy right now is an avatar that i got lost into, where dreaming is the time where i can return and report my findings as if i signed up to be this person that i am. Perhaps that is what the indigo children theory is based on. Perhaps some of us really did sign up to be on this planet. Or perhaps this reality is just a simulation and since time is perceptive to ones surroundings and reality sampling, this whole life could ultimately be happening in just small instant.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sorry so long

I have been very busy lately, and i guess updating this blog has slipped through my mind. I have been taking this intro to psychology course and we have been talking about dreams for a few weeks. SO im going to update the "lucid dream guide" blog with a really long post. I do however have some experiences to share today.

Few weeks ago while having quite a few beers with the bros, i started passing out. Well earlier that day around 12 i took a 3 hour nap. So my passing out was solely by alchohol. Being that i was at a party and didnt want written on i fought this sleep hard. Trying to stay awake as i lulled deeper and deeper into a WILD. I was on the couch and then i was standing in a beautiful field of yellow flowers with a cool breeze. Completely lucid, completely aware, with everything clear. I remember walking around for what felt like at least half an hour to an hour, when someone at the party made a crazy loud noise which then reminded me that i was indeed sitting on the couch. Sucked back to the top. It was like i at first, i knew i was sitting on the couch, then after being caught up in all the detail, i quickly didnt care about sitting on the couch and now this was my new existence. I tend to wonder if this is what death is like, our minds just go through continuation then stop giving a damn about what was in the past due to ignoring the past.

Also, last weekend pals and i went to the strip club and had a shit ton of beers. On the way back we home we gave some dude a ride home who proceeded to smoke a blunt with us. Normally weed just zones me out, it doesnt make me trip. Even if im drunk. Welllll not that day. I had my head down already for the trip, and staying what felt like conscious the whole time i started going off into my thoughts. Having what felt like 100's of dreams in 100's of comes of different experiences. Vivid and clear as what we call reality. So real that in one of the dreams, we were in the same car, driving on the same rd, and we hit a tractor trailor dead on, then my eyes snap open and i inhale the biggest breathe, and i was riding in the same car, on the same rd, and in this instance, no semi.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

First lucid dream in over a month.. Complete Paradise

Brief explanatory.. If you were to read through some of my older dream post, you would see that i havnt made a post in some time. In the past I have made some references to marijuana effecting my dream awareness and ability to attain lucidity. After a month of medical grade toking, its time for a break. This is now day three of my sobriety binge, and well.. My dreaming has came back, aswell as my ease of going lucid, aswell as the clarity of the dreams. Also i have noticed, if i drink a few beers a couple hours before sleep, like drink them, get buzzed, get sober, then force sleep, I will have significantly longer REM periods, or perhaps it just feels that way. Enough of the science more with the dreams.

First Lucid Dream: Paradise Found
I realized awareness sitting at a wooden desk, on the porch of a log cabin, looking onto a beautiful green field full of flowers. First thing i did was look at my hands and noticed that their lack of detail was crazy, but the amount of detail on the field was so amazing. The grass was bright neon green, the sky was turquoise. There were all colors of flowers everywhere, but the color that stuck out was the neon purple. The smell was perfection, like spring time in the garden of eden. I got up from the desk i was sitting at and ran through the flowers. I could smell their sweetness, and feel their softness, yet everything about my hands were out of focus when i tried to look at them. Perhaps all of my energy was spent manifesting the outside. who knows. Sadly when the dream started fading i couldn't keep it together and darkness consumed me.

kinda looked like this, but with a shit load more flowers and no cows.. or trees, but similar colors.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fatherhood OH NO

So i dreamed about being a dad, and holding a baby in my hands. Foreshadowing? It felt so real. I even felt the pride and everything. It woke me up. The after glow of the experience lasted for like 20 mins too. It was nuts. Other then that i have had really garbled up dreams. Nothing too clear. I remember having a dream the other day that i was going to write down but i cant remember it now. I hope you all have been well!

The baby looked kinda like this one. I was holding it while laying down looking into its eyes The experience was unreal.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christopher - Chaos: Trollin even in my dream world

Christopher - Chaos: Trollin even in my dream world

So Im tired as nuts and ment to post this dream that is linked right here.. on this blog and i am too lazy to change it.. ENJOY THE DREAM!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nuclear Blast - apocalyptic

I came to consciousness in a park. There were nice big trees and grass everywhere. I was with one other person, female I believe, and the sky was slightly grey with a chilled cold misting kind of rain. When out of no where, this gigantic ball of energy blast a few miles away from us. I was looking right in the direction of the blast when it happened and my first instinct was to get out of direct path of the energy wave that i knew was comming. So i scream to the person with me, "AS QUICK AS YOU CAN GET TO THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE LARGEST TREE THAT YOU CAN FIND TO SHIELD YOURSELF FROM THE BLAST". So we both did. The Rain was completely horizontal and now hotter then hell while passing around us as the tree did its job and shielded us from the blast.

For some reason after i have dreams like this, usually the rest of the nights dreams have to deal with finding survivors and creating a new civilization that is corruption free. Also what i have been noticing from these sort of aftermath related dreams is, they seem to last for weeks, perhaps months. Not in real life time, but in dream time. I will notice weeks go by. In one instance. Everything is leveled by the Gods, then in the next instance, there is half ass slums created with people in them.

Friday, February 11, 2011

dreaming with my eyes open

so lately, i have been doing tons of hard work. work work work work work, thats it. and i feel as if i have been dreaming with my eyes wide open. as i mindlessly complete my task, i have been basically lucid dreaming while being awake. Is this "using my imagination" or schizophrenia ? Either or. Its been damn pretty fun.

I have been applying my lucid dreaming abilities to real life situations. This i believe is called the law of attraction. Crazy thing is, the new way of thinking has been effecting everyone around me. Its like i get to experience the life that i will too me, like a dream, but in reality, but then that makes you wonder.. What is reality?! Are we all just a dream character in Gods dream? If so then, What was this big bang? In my opinion, the begging was that original thought. "And then there was, because we will be"

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

i dreamed of easy money

and then i woke up to reality... i do remember dreaming tho, and being lucid, and even making mental note to write it down, but i have already went about my day. it was bad ass too what ever it was. i cant remember tho.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese new year DREAMERS!!!

HAPPPPPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I actually dreamed of fireworks last night. like endless fireworks that i was engulfed in!!

No lucid. I only got 6 hours of sleep last night =(( it was horrible. Also. Coffee has been helping me
remember my dreams!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

i need to work on my Kamehameha

So I have been doing something different before bed lately. For roughly 20 mins each night, while my eyes are closed, i do a "nightly affirmation". "Chris, you will dream tonight, you will remember your dreams, you will be conscious during this time, you will discover things, you will try a Kamehameha wave". Every night I have used this technique, the technique has seemed to work great. 3/3 success rate for me.

The Lucid Dream:
I came to consciousness standing on the outside of the old movie theater in LaGrange Georgia. The one Ive spent many a night at hanging out. Two of my friends from that time poped up. Joseph and Scuba Steve. Seeing them, I knew i was dreaming. Since they now live 2 states away.

So proceed to walk outside, where the day light in the sky is sort of duskish, and there were people everywhere. Knowing this is a dream, i felt completely comfortable with just trying a Kamehameha wave. I felt like i was forcing it, so it just wasnt happening. I tried a few different ways, and couldn't manage it. Even my ability to use telekinesis was effed up. After trying really hard I think i woke myself up.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Can I get a helllll yea dragon ball lucid

So last night, after watch Dragon Ball GT (see side note 1) for like 2 hours, meditate before sleep. Why? Because I find it helps the lucid dream process. Anyways, after doing about 30 mins of "you will dream tonight, and you will be conscious off that dream, and you will dream about being inside the dbz world, you will do this etc..". The only dream I remember having last night was the DB realm one. It was severely bad ass. When I came to consciousness, in this world with even my dream characters flying around, it was pure brilliance. I feel like I had a shared dream with someone, and we were communicating. I remember us both agreeing to be dreaming, and he was trying to show me a door to go through. I went through it and dont remember what happened after that. Now that I think about it, perhaps it was he that told I me we were dreaming, causing the lucid. Im not sure of how it happened, but i know it happened lol. Till next time. oh btw support a dream, leave a comment, ill support back!! remember the 30 second rule.

oh sorry for the dream not being very exciting, it was to me at the time, because i could feel everyone having power levels, but no real action occurred, maybe tonight i will try and do something bad ass.

IRL Side note 1: after episode 17 of DB:GT, and they changed the characters voices from the funamation ones i wanted to kill people. the narrator sounded like a complete idiot. Maybe it was just my download that I have, and it wasnt real important to the supplier of the download, but damn it, it effed my whole day up, i was like WTF IS THIS ISSHH! Threw my laptop down and stomped it a bit. no jk, but i was let down a little bit. Enough to be complaining now I reckon.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

spinning dreams lately

i have had vertigo pretty crazily for the passed few days, i think because of my subwoofers, and like. ive been spinning in real life, and like, it feels as if i am walking on water, in real life. So when i get to my dream state, i am spinning and spinning, not dizzy, just moving, like i cant pull life together, reality feels like the dream now.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


tonight i will dream of something sweet.

something like this perhaps..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crazy crazy dreams, and one lucid.

Well, one dream i had, i was in one of my childhood homes. This home was distinct because it had a big huge rock in the front yard. probably a meteor that no one ever questioned, or some burial tomb rock or somesthing, anyways, in the dream i heard a loud bang, and i ran into that direction, well when i got down there, the dog that i have now had been hit by a car. so i went in search for them and dont know what happened.

My lucid dream, i came too realization in some sort of waiting area, like perhaps a bank, or a place to get documents, anywho, I was lucid. There was this blond girl in front of me, that i believe i seen before, if not she felt like i should, so i looked at her in the eyes, and with my mind alone, sent her the request for a bj, and it happened. I felt like proffessor x. Then i woke up.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

i dreamed that i programmed all last night

and yea.. thats basicly it. sometimes u cant even escape work in your sleep.

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Blog in my dream network looking for lucid dreamers

I am working on a new blog, a blog that will help one to learn how to lucid dream, you know by reading my post from this blog that lucid dreaming is possible, but not always tangible. The more you try to lucid dream, the more lucid dreams will become natural. It is like rediscovering your imagination and your will to create. Through the understanding of lucid dreaming i have realized things about waking life, and have found many similarities. That should be expected though. Dont you just love the property of self similarity reality uses. All Hail ITERATION!

So if you are a lucid dreamer, and have some insight and techniques, get in touch with me, and you can write an article!

Url for new blog:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First complete lucid of the year.

The dream I just woke up from, I was on some sort of cruise ship perhaps, well originally I was in the v.I.p section cause I think the dream started off there, everything was beautiful and elegant, almost like a glimpse of being on the titanic for one of its beautiful dinners, and then I walked down some stairs for a second and they wouldn't let me back in, which I didn't care because I felt like I was in there on accident anyways, so a friend of mine and I we're walking away, and decided to ride an elevator, I remember going down, and before hitting the ground I was jumping around, slowing down gravity and stuff like we were in one of those gravity testing planes.

The dream previous to this one, I found myself in the top of an abandoned building, in somewhere metropolitin like. One of those building tops from a renovated or perhaps vacated office building, everything was grey, concrete and rebar with exposed ibeams. Well I had a moment of super clarity, and stoped the perticular dream sequence, and screamed out to my dc! Stop wait, we are dreaming, check this shit out, so I hold out my hand and shatter the first window with my mind, then go to the next and do the same thing, and then for my grand symphony, I made a mega tsunami style tidal wave engulf the whole city. I look over and more dc's appeared and were trying to basicly teleport before the wave got there, and I think it was a success because soon as it got there, the dream changed. What's crazy tho, is the couple seconds before it got there I could feel the cold air generated by the wave behind it. And as they were trying to gtfo, and I was embracing my gnerated destiny, I felt my mind forcing the control and lucidity away and I don't remember teleporting or dieing in the flood, or the water even hitting the building but I know it was comming.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

tons and tons of dreams

last night i dreamed so many times, but can not pin point one specific dream, i can pinpoint the specific emotions but not the dreams, it seemed like my subconscious was telling me stories all night, and i could hear and feel what was going on, but dont remember seeing it. just bits and pieces.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wrestling almost...

The dream i just woke up from, was the beginings a wrestling match, i went with my little brother, who durning this time was in highschool with me also. The tournement was an open tournement so they said it would be ok if i wrestled also, i was excited and all geared up. The host of the tournement came to our locker room to tell us good luck and such, and it was just typical locker room getting ready to slaughter some kids on the mat. then i woke up to check the time and yea.. its time for me to wake up =( oh i atleast wanted that first match.

Friday, January 7, 2011


First dream I remember is being in a hospital, getting ready to have surgery on a bunch of stuff dealing with my face. Having panic attack after panic attack, I explained to the person I may have a few drugs in my system, whenever the first part of that dream ended, and I came back to it, there was no one around, it was me in this room, waiting anxiously to receive some versed to ease my tension and anxiety. They never came so I searched for them, no one was any where, and I stumbled into the operating room, and even that was dark and empty. This I woke myself up rolling over.

Second dream was, I was back in the military/prison place, in this room of two bunks, parallel and seperated by a window on the wall, well I started to get the window open, and some how when I was in mid kick to get the bars out, all my dream characters appeared and I was in poisition of attention another room away looking in. While my superiors/gaurds were doing inspection, where they found my escape attempt. Then I woke up just now until this reality where I'm writing down my experience.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

I have been slackin

The dream i just woke up from, was of a friend and i eating "wild edibles" that i learned were edible from survivorman. Idk how we got there or why we were there but we were eating thehm lol, and they were so tasty.

How did i get there? The previous dream before that, or sometime in the night idk but sequentially it seems to have happened then, anyways, it was 4 people in the room, 2 guys and 2 girls. The one girl was like itching to have sex, i remember the other guy kinda being gun shy about it, so instead we went into a room to buy pot from the guys brother, and the dream faded.

I also remember being in the prison setting again,. All i can remember from it was the fact that i was there, i cant really remember how i got there, in the dream i knew exactly how it happened, just feels like its been a few 1000 "years" since then. I do remember how ever being like "oh its this dreamscape again, yay."

there was another dream that was a tad new and different this time. I can only really remember this one part, the rest of the memory is there i just cant seem to access it. well, we were in a video game kinda setting, even the area all around me looked like pixels instead of analog reality it. Well anyways i was watching someone else "play" this section of the "game" and he was telling me about an epic ass sniper rifle that was somewhere hidden in a hall, and if u had the rifle, it was more like an extremely high powered rail gun, well he used this gun to take down some sort of huge ass beast. and i watched it all from the safety of the high ledge that came from the hall.