Saturday, December 17, 2011

I was shot by a butthurt gangster at a station DREAM

At a gas station with the family and I was walking the dog bruno. I feel like we were on a family trip. Well some black dude walked out of the store and bruno jumped at him. Dude starts running his mouth and I'm laughing my ass off and waking away. The dog starts taking a shit on the concrete. Then idfk y but I hear a comotion and bruno drags me over to some mexican dude and his gf telling the black dude to shut  up because they were enemies. Black dude pulls out a gun they start exchanging fire and the butthurt black guy turns to me gun aimed making some gestures like it aint funny now is it. I let the dog go and went to run out the door behind me when the dream faded and I opened my eyes, here I am typing this dream down.

More facts about the dream . The gas station was in a parking garage it seemed. or perhaps an enclosed structure because the sun or outside was now dangerous. The black dude had a red bandana and the mexican had a blue one. The mexican girl had white skinny jeans and a black shirt with diamond studded belt with big gold earings. Also bruno the dog is a bull mastiff.

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