Thursday, March 17, 2011

First lucid dream in over a month.. Complete Paradise

Brief explanatory.. If you were to read through some of my older dream post, you would see that i havnt made a post in some time. In the past I have made some references to marijuana effecting my dream awareness and ability to attain lucidity. After a month of medical grade toking, its time for a break. This is now day three of my sobriety binge, and well.. My dreaming has came back, aswell as my ease of going lucid, aswell as the clarity of the dreams. Also i have noticed, if i drink a few beers a couple hours before sleep, like drink them, get buzzed, get sober, then force sleep, I will have significantly longer REM periods, or perhaps it just feels that way. Enough of the science more with the dreams.

First Lucid Dream: Paradise Found
I realized awareness sitting at a wooden desk, on the porch of a log cabin, looking onto a beautiful green field full of flowers. First thing i did was look at my hands and noticed that their lack of detail was crazy, but the amount of detail on the field was so amazing. The grass was bright neon green, the sky was turquoise. There were all colors of flowers everywhere, but the color that stuck out was the neon purple. The smell was perfection, like spring time in the garden of eden. I got up from the desk i was sitting at and ran through the flowers. I could smell their sweetness, and feel their softness, yet everything about my hands were out of focus when i tried to look at them. Perhaps all of my energy was spent manifesting the outside. who knows. Sadly when the dream started fading i couldn't keep it together and darkness consumed me.

kinda looked like this, but with a shit load more flowers and no cows.. or trees, but similar colors.