Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Indian love and killer furbies

The first dream I remember walking around outside this old brick fortress. The setting was sort of post apocalyptic perhaps, but definitely great depression like. There was dirty people all around this fortress in tent camps. Well  I found this hole and asked someone who ws with me to check in it and make sure there wasn't anything of value. He checked and as he was checking, and Indian (Indian from India) teenager jumped in, snatched a book, some papers, and what appeared to be a large pink diamond shaped like a heart and started running out. So I chased after him. He threws some documents and papers into the fire. I snatched them out of the fire and continued to chase him.

He arrives at his part of the tent city where he hands this sacred book to the elder. At this point i'm really really curious whats in the book. Since I saved the other documents from certain doom in the fire the old man didnt force me to leave. As luck would have it those pieces i saved were actually really important to the book, so the man shared some of the information with me. It was a treasure map, but not one to normal treasure, but with a treasure in self. A way to use ones Chakras to open a door with in oneself to travel through dimensions. Then he got his extremely beautiful daughter to perform the ritual on me.

First the man handed her a vial of bright pink, oily substance which she dotted on the back of my right hand. I accidently rubbed some of the pink stuff on the guy next to me's clothes, and she reapplied it. Then she dotted the back of my right elbow, then the center of my chest, then my throat, then my forehead, then the back of my left elbow, then my left hand. I was asked to concentrate all of these areas into a door way in front of me. All the while i could hear the elder man chanting something he was reading from the book while the world started pulsing in with magical bright colors. Instead of leaving that plane it was like the girl who was putting these markings on me kept coming in complete focus. I could feel unconditional yearning, and a turmoil of boiling love inside my being for her.

Then the experience had stopped but the smitten aura was still encompassing me like warm water in a bath. I wanted her to be in my arms. I needed her to be in my arms. She invited me into her tent and we just sat down in the floor holding hands, and she offered me some food. It was a roasted pig and I was surprised because pigs were a really hard to find sort of food in the desperate times we were in. Then the dream fadded by my longing for her remained into the next dream, and even now.

-insert unchained melody here-

Then the next dream was rather odd. There was this magical furby that kept comming back to life and i kept killing it. Oh and the whole time the furby had a body like chuck norris. And my partner who was trying to kill it with me was bruce lee. I even put the furby in a headlock that i know he couldnt breathe in. Sob kept living tho. Then i woke up. Thinking, wtf was that all about.

The other dream was way more awesome to me so. I remembered more about it. That and i think i forgot about the second dream even tho its the one i just woke up from, simply because i used all my dream recall on the first dream allowing the second dream to slip away. Either way, i like the first one better.

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