Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dystopia is one hand out away.

Man, I just woke up from the most apocalyptic, dystopian dream i've ever had.

I came to consciousness standing in a pretty large field of displaced people from all creeds. Everyone seemed pretty angry, hungry, dirty like we all just survived some huge catastrophic event and looking to the government for guidance.
It was raining and slightly cold, there was no shelter from the falling rain, the only warmth in the air was coming from everyone's fearful bodies which were sorta steaming leaving this eerie fog to look through.
Then the orders came to separate by race and line up in groups. Once everyone started to do this I instantly thought... yea.. fuck that..something isnt right.. they arnt going to save us..
in my mind i knew we were corralled there for something a little more ominous than a hand out. Then I looked around and realized there was virtually no where to run. We were enclosed by two small rivers on each side of the land we were standing on and fenced in.. like cattle. Crossing the rivers would of meant certain hypothermia. Ive watched enough survivor man to know that. (which i even said to my friend who was willing to make the escape with me)
In the midst of all the panic and confusion of everyone lining up by race my friend and I managed to sneak out through a hole in the fence and run underneath a bridge. While we were sitting under there away from the cold in what felt like a huge stone tomb the bridge above us started shaking. Hordes of armed forces loaded to the gills for eradication made the earth tremble by their presence as they poured out of the armored vehicles that just crossed the bridge. Pure fear ripped through my soul as you could hear screams coming from the field we just escaped from.
After a few minutes curiosity got the best of me, so i crawled out from underneath the bridge through a small hole to see what was going on and there she was. The warden. Dressed in business attire like she came expecting a presentation. standing there. I screamed out. "holy shit you just scared the living fuck out of me" as if she were a friend there to help. But i knew she wasnt, i knew she was in charge of the massacre.
I knew I was a dead man, but If i could walk her away from the bridge I could possibly save my friend so I did. I asked her "why are you doing this to these people, why arnt you trying to save them". she replied "we need to make room for more, im sorry, but it looks like I wont be needing you after all even though you had an impressive photography resume" Then a memory flashed in my brain of this woman coming through the camp for the displaced recruiting people out of the slums who used to be someone before the calamity. I used to be someone before the calamity. Now I was just someone pleading for my life as I watched soldiers with flame throwers and guns mowing down people as if they were all an overgrown field of wilted produce.
I said whisperingly yet fiercely to the warden, you have to save me, you can save me, I looked over through the fence, past the cheering murderous soldiers, and said "look they are people, people suffering." she said "its not so bad they are frozen in fear, it would be worse if they were running". I did notice however that they separated all the children also and werent killing them. This gave me a little comfort. Then an overly excited soldier in full riot gear wielding a flame thrower came over to the warden and I, and the fear of my certain death woke me up.