Monday, June 26, 2017

Something exploded

Man I just woke up from the most lucid, realistic set of dreams.
The one dream I had though shook me to the core. I was in a bedroom when all of a sudden I heard this whistling roaring sound, I turned to look out my window and I could see the tail of what looked to be a rocket or something similar, maybe a meteor howling through the sky. Then it either hit the earth or blew up, and the shock wave from the impact/explosion i felt from it hurt so bad. It felt like a giant belly flop in the pool. Like I was smacked with hot air. My ears were ringing, I couldn't get my balance, and then I woke up.
I mean it felt so real. I don't normally feel pain or anything like that in dreams, but this time i did.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dystopia is one hand out away.

Man, I just woke up from the most apocalyptic, dystopian dream i've ever had.

I came to consciousness standing in a pretty large field of displaced people from all creeds. Everyone seemed pretty angry, hungry, dirty like we all just survived some huge catastrophic event and looking to the government for guidance.
It was raining and slightly cold, there was no shelter from the falling rain, the only warmth in the air was coming from everyone's fearful bodies which were sorta steaming leaving this eerie fog to look through.
Then the orders came to separate by race and line up in groups. Once everyone started to do this I instantly thought... yea.. fuck that..something isnt right.. they arnt going to save us..
in my mind i knew we were corralled there for something a little more ominous than a hand out. Then I looked around and realized there was virtually no where to run. We were enclosed by two small rivers on each side of the land we were standing on and fenced in.. like cattle. Crossing the rivers would of meant certain hypothermia. Ive watched enough survivor man to know that. (which i even said to my friend who was willing to make the escape with me)
In the midst of all the panic and confusion of everyone lining up by race my friend and I managed to sneak out through a hole in the fence and run underneath a bridge. While we were sitting under there away from the cold in what felt like a huge stone tomb the bridge above us started shaking. Hordes of armed forces loaded to the gills for eradication made the earth tremble by their presence as they poured out of the armored vehicles that just crossed the bridge. Pure fear ripped through my soul as you could hear screams coming from the field we just escaped from.
After a few minutes curiosity got the best of me, so i crawled out from underneath the bridge through a small hole to see what was going on and there she was. The warden. Dressed in business attire like she came expecting a presentation. standing there. I screamed out. "holy shit you just scared the living fuck out of me" as if she were a friend there to help. But i knew she wasnt, i knew she was in charge of the massacre.
I knew I was a dead man, but If i could walk her away from the bridge I could possibly save my friend so I did. I asked her "why are you doing this to these people, why arnt you trying to save them". she replied "we need to make room for more, im sorry, but it looks like I wont be needing you after all even though you had an impressive photography resume" Then a memory flashed in my brain of this woman coming through the camp for the displaced recruiting people out of the slums who used to be someone before the calamity. I used to be someone before the calamity. Now I was just someone pleading for my life as I watched soldiers with flame throwers and guns mowing down people as if they were all an overgrown field of wilted produce.
I said whisperingly yet fiercely to the warden, you have to save me, you can save me, I looked over through the fence, past the cheering murderous soldiers, and said "look they are people, people suffering." she said "its not so bad they are frozen in fear, it would be worse if they were running". I did notice however that they separated all the children also and werent killing them. This gave me a little comfort. Then an overly excited soldier in full riot gear wielding a flame thrower came over to the warden and I, and the fear of my certain death woke me up.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Strange nightmares and OBE

I had a handful of dreams, dreamed i was in some sort of post-apocylapyptic prison for most of them. Reoccurring dreamscape for me.

at one point i was on a prison bus and had a secret phone well the lady bus driver seen i had a phone and she stoped the bus and came back to me demanding the phone, i was like nah fuck you so then she reached over and grabed my balls and started to squeeze them i was like WTF, so i started going off on her, then she let go and i went on this rant that i remember being funny but cant remember what was said.

this prison had a pool/watering hole sorta thing i guess we got clean at and there was a dead little girl with dark hair, and nun outfit at the pool that no one else could see but me and she was terrified and crying and the only way i couldn't be scared is if i just forced myself to smile while in her presense. Like i knew and understand her as a ghost but couldnt do anything to help her and she knew i could see her but she refused to interact with me.

i at one time dreamed my soul left my body in my bedroom and walked off away from me. like i was standing there looking at myself. I was laying down, in the third person, AND watching my soul look down at me all at the same time.

I also dreamed at one point that i was in walmart and seen Thomas and Ashley walk by so i ran after them to confront them. Once i caught up to them, they didnt notice me and i walked by rob alvez and said whats up rob, he was looking all greasy and shit and then T&A turned around. As soon as they noticed me they took off running and i couldnt catch them. I actually think this was one of the first dreams of the night,. So maybe i caught them and beat their head in which sent me to prison lol idk.

I also dreamed i was in a car with Krazie and he got us lost as fuck. Everyone in the car was also smoking buds... which then makes sense lol.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Evasion plus one

in one dream, I started out arrested in cuffs (for what idk) but then i was like yo im dreaming fuck this arrested shit. so i just use my mind to melt the cuffs off when the cops went in the other room. Then i willed myself through the wall and could hear them like "wtf just happened" (the cops were elliot stabler and oliva benson from the svu show..which wtf man)

: then i was freeeee
: so before they could see me out the window i ran to safety. then was like my skin is now tan, my hair is now black, i have shades in my pocket. -bam bam bam- it all instantly happened as i said it.
: spoke that shit into existence. Then I was like there is a pink car with girls in it about to pick me up.
: "honk honk" look to my right, there they were, i just get in."
: the driver was like "hey girls this is the man i was talking about" one of the chicks says from the back seat "soooo is he just an ordinary boy or an extrordinary man"
: i reply, im pretty extrodinary these days but i wasnt always ;)

they giggle. then the girl sitting in the middle with glazed over eyes and huge pupils was telling me about a new drug she is trying and how i should try it. i was like nope, im good. then the dream fazzed out and i woke up at some random time in the night.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Love, life, and liberty are things we must fight for.

The dream started at some party, we were all watching a movie or something. There were 4 or 5 of us on a couch with a blanket over us. There was a woman who was sitting next to / sorta on top of me and I think her significant other was sitting next to us like 3 people down. I feel like everyone was drinking except the girl and I. I was stroking her thigh softly and discretely as if her and I had something going on.

After the movie went off she asked me if I could help her get some more party refreshments from a house across the street. So I did, expecting to make passionate love to this girl, we ran up the stairs but when we got there she got something out of a closet and handed It to me in a hurry. It was a chocolate rabbit that had a goodbye message written in it but she wouldn't speak. Then she started pushing me out of the door saying just go. I tried to stop her and grab her face to kiss her, but it didn't matter, it was goodbye. She was never mine anyways. As we were walking down the stairs she was hanging onto my back not wanting to let go. Once we got to the bottom of the stairs I turned her around and she asks, "Is nothing fair?!" and I replied, "NO! Love, Life and Liberty you have to fight for." We kissed passionately and I woke up.. And here I am typing this dream down.

Sometimes goodbye IS forever, which is why I hate saying it and always say see ya or have fun instead.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book of Shadows

The air was cold, the lighting dim, fear super high. There I was, staring at the true Book of Shadows. Terror swept down my spine in a fit of rage to leave my body. Witches came out of the wood work, trying to devour my very existence in order to live forever. Chanting aramaic, as they tore me from limb to limb. My organs spilled out all over their alter, but that didnt seem to faze the woman in charge. No. She instead, peered into my existence. Making me feel like it was ok to be their lamb. And then I woke up, and found a book of shadows on android.

A Book of Shadows is a book containing religious texts and instructions for magical rituals found within the Neopagan religion of Wicca. Originating within the Gardnerian tradition of the Craft, the first Book of Shadows was created by the pioneering Wiccan Gerald Gardner sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s, and which he utilised first in his Bricket Wood coven and then in other covens which he founded in following decades. The concept of the Book of Shadows was then adopted by other Wiccan traditions, such as Alexandrianism and Mohsianism, and with the rise of books teaching people how to begin following Wicca in the 1970s onward, the idea of the Book of Shadows was then further propagated amongst solitary practitioners unconnected to earlier traditions.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Indian love and killer furbies

The first dream I remember walking around outside this old brick fortress. The setting was sort of post apocalyptic perhaps, but definitely great depression like. There was dirty people all around this fortress in tent camps. Well  I found this hole and asked someone who ws with me to check in it and make sure there wasn't anything of value. He checked and as he was checking, and Indian (Indian from India) teenager jumped in, snatched a book, some papers, and what appeared to be a large pink diamond shaped like a heart and started running out. So I chased after him. He threws some documents and papers into the fire. I snatched them out of the fire and continued to chase him.

He arrives at his part of the tent city where he hands this sacred book to the elder. At this point i'm really really curious whats in the book. Since I saved the other documents from certain doom in the fire the old man didnt force me to leave. As luck would have it those pieces i saved were actually really important to the book, so the man shared some of the information with me. It was a treasure map, but not one to normal treasure, but with a treasure in self. A way to use ones Chakras to open a door with in oneself to travel through dimensions. Then he got his extremely beautiful daughter to perform the ritual on me.

First the man handed her a vial of bright pink, oily substance which she dotted on the back of my right hand. I accidently rubbed some of the pink stuff on the guy next to me's clothes, and she reapplied it. Then she dotted the back of my right elbow, then the center of my chest, then my throat, then my forehead, then the back of my left elbow, then my left hand. I was asked to concentrate all of these areas into a door way in front of me. All the while i could hear the elder man chanting something he was reading from the book while the world started pulsing in with magical bright colors. Instead of leaving that plane it was like the girl who was putting these markings on me kept coming in complete focus. I could feel unconditional yearning, and a turmoil of boiling love inside my being for her.

Then the experience had stopped but the smitten aura was still encompassing me like warm water in a bath. I wanted her to be in my arms. I needed her to be in my arms. She invited me into her tent and we just sat down in the floor holding hands, and she offered me some food. It was a roasted pig and I was surprised because pigs were a really hard to find sort of food in the desperate times we were in. Then the dream fadded by my longing for her remained into the next dream, and even now.

-insert unchained melody here-

Then the next dream was rather odd. There was this magical furby that kept comming back to life and i kept killing it. Oh and the whole time the furby had a body like chuck norris. And my partner who was trying to kill it with me was bruce lee. I even put the furby in a headlock that i know he couldnt breathe in. Sob kept living tho. Then i woke up. Thinking, wtf was that all about.

The other dream was way more awesome to me so. I remembered more about it. That and i think i forgot about the second dream even tho its the one i just woke up from, simply because i used all my dream recall on the first dream allowing the second dream to slip away. Either way, i like the first one better.