Thursday, November 24, 2011

ALIENS ancient or not.. they are SCARY AF

I have been watching History Channels Ancient Aliens now since the show aired April 20, 2010. Intriuged by the concepts presented i just cant wait till the new episodes come out. So because of this, i have created a few android apps that offer the Book of Enoch.

I guess this is why i have been dreaming of aliens comming down to earth. In my dreams they start colleges that they force us to attend. Also, the people who do no comply to their wishes are killed on the spot. I wonder what this dream means? Could it be foreshadowing? Or are they just my imagination mixing with wishful thinking?

Is such a thing even possible?


  1. That would actually be better for society, depending on the study. If it includes what's REALLY out there, YES PLEASE.

    However, if they seek to destroy our culture, well...

    Also, nice format on the blog. I'm a fan ;)

  2. Totally foreshadowing.

    Dang, now this may give me nightmares too.