Monday, January 31, 2011

Can I get a helllll yea dragon ball lucid

So last night, after watch Dragon Ball GT (see side note 1) for like 2 hours, meditate before sleep. Why? Because I find it helps the lucid dream process. Anyways, after doing about 30 mins of "you will dream tonight, and you will be conscious off that dream, and you will dream about being inside the dbz world, you will do this etc..". The only dream I remember having last night was the DB realm one. It was severely bad ass. When I came to consciousness, in this world with even my dream characters flying around, it was pure brilliance. I feel like I had a shared dream with someone, and we were communicating. I remember us both agreeing to be dreaming, and he was trying to show me a door to go through. I went through it and dont remember what happened after that. Now that I think about it, perhaps it was he that told I me we were dreaming, causing the lucid. Im not sure of how it happened, but i know it happened lol. Till next time. oh btw support a dream, leave a comment, ill support back!! remember the 30 second rule.

oh sorry for the dream not being very exciting, it was to me at the time, because i could feel everyone having power levels, but no real action occurred, maybe tonight i will try and do something bad ass.

IRL Side note 1: after episode 17 of DB:GT, and they changed the characters voices from the funamation ones i wanted to kill people. the narrator sounded like a complete idiot. Maybe it was just my download that I have, and it wasnt real important to the supplier of the download, but damn it, it effed my whole day up, i was like WTF IS THIS ISSHH! Threw my laptop down and stomped it a bit. no jk, but i was let down a little bit. Enough to be complaining now I reckon.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

spinning dreams lately

i have had vertigo pretty crazily for the passed few days, i think because of my subwoofers, and like. ive been spinning in real life, and like, it feels as if i am walking on water, in real life. So when i get to my dream state, i am spinning and spinning, not dizzy, just moving, like i cant pull life together, reality feels like the dream now.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


tonight i will dream of something sweet.

something like this perhaps..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crazy crazy dreams, and one lucid.

Well, one dream i had, i was in one of my childhood homes. This home was distinct because it had a big huge rock in the front yard. probably a meteor that no one ever questioned, or some burial tomb rock or somesthing, anyways, in the dream i heard a loud bang, and i ran into that direction, well when i got down there, the dog that i have now had been hit by a car. so i went in search for them and dont know what happened.

My lucid dream, i came too realization in some sort of waiting area, like perhaps a bank, or a place to get documents, anywho, I was lucid. There was this blond girl in front of me, that i believe i seen before, if not she felt like i should, so i looked at her in the eyes, and with my mind alone, sent her the request for a bj, and it happened. I felt like proffessor x. Then i woke up.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

i dreamed that i programmed all last night

and yea.. thats basicly it. sometimes u cant even escape work in your sleep.

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Blog in my dream network looking for lucid dreamers

I am working on a new blog, a blog that will help one to learn how to lucid dream, you know by reading my post from this blog that lucid dreaming is possible, but not always tangible. The more you try to lucid dream, the more lucid dreams will become natural. It is like rediscovering your imagination and your will to create. Through the understanding of lucid dreaming i have realized things about waking life, and have found many similarities. That should be expected though. Dont you just love the property of self similarity reality uses. All Hail ITERATION!

So if you are a lucid dreamer, and have some insight and techniques, get in touch with me, and you can write an article!

Url for new blog:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First complete lucid of the year.

The dream I just woke up from, I was on some sort of cruise ship perhaps, well originally I was in the v.I.p section cause I think the dream started off there, everything was beautiful and elegant, almost like a glimpse of being on the titanic for one of its beautiful dinners, and then I walked down some stairs for a second and they wouldn't let me back in, which I didn't care because I felt like I was in there on accident anyways, so a friend of mine and I we're walking away, and decided to ride an elevator, I remember going down, and before hitting the ground I was jumping around, slowing down gravity and stuff like we were in one of those gravity testing planes.

The dream previous to this one, I found myself in the top of an abandoned building, in somewhere metropolitin like. One of those building tops from a renovated or perhaps vacated office building, everything was grey, concrete and rebar with exposed ibeams. Well I had a moment of super clarity, and stoped the perticular dream sequence, and screamed out to my dc! Stop wait, we are dreaming, check this shit out, so I hold out my hand and shatter the first window with my mind, then go to the next and do the same thing, and then for my grand symphony, I made a mega tsunami style tidal wave engulf the whole city. I look over and more dc's appeared and were trying to basicly teleport before the wave got there, and I think it was a success because soon as it got there, the dream changed. What's crazy tho, is the couple seconds before it got there I could feel the cold air generated by the wave behind it. And as they were trying to gtfo, and I was embracing my gnerated destiny, I felt my mind forcing the control and lucidity away and I don't remember teleporting or dieing in the flood, or the water even hitting the building but I know it was comming.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

tons and tons of dreams

last night i dreamed so many times, but can not pin point one specific dream, i can pinpoint the specific emotions but not the dreams, it seemed like my subconscious was telling me stories all night, and i could hear and feel what was going on, but dont remember seeing it. just bits and pieces.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wrestling almost...

The dream i just woke up from, was the beginings a wrestling match, i went with my little brother, who durning this time was in highschool with me also. The tournement was an open tournement so they said it would be ok if i wrestled also, i was excited and all geared up. The host of the tournement came to our locker room to tell us good luck and such, and it was just typical locker room getting ready to slaughter some kids on the mat. then i woke up to check the time and yea.. its time for me to wake up =( oh i atleast wanted that first match.

Friday, January 7, 2011


First dream I remember is being in a hospital, getting ready to have surgery on a bunch of stuff dealing with my face. Having panic attack after panic attack, I explained to the person I may have a few drugs in my system, whenever the first part of that dream ended, and I came back to it, there was no one around, it was me in this room, waiting anxiously to receive some versed to ease my tension and anxiety. They never came so I searched for them, no one was any where, and I stumbled into the operating room, and even that was dark and empty. This I woke myself up rolling over.

Second dream was, I was back in the military/prison place, in this room of two bunks, parallel and seperated by a window on the wall, well I started to get the window open, and some how when I was in mid kick to get the bars out, all my dream characters appeared and I was in poisition of attention another room away looking in. While my superiors/gaurds were doing inspection, where they found my escape attempt. Then I woke up just now until this reality where I'm writing down my experience.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

I have been slackin

The dream i just woke up from, was of a friend and i eating "wild edibles" that i learned were edible from survivorman. Idk how we got there or why we were there but we were eating thehm lol, and they were so tasty.

How did i get there? The previous dream before that, or sometime in the night idk but sequentially it seems to have happened then, anyways, it was 4 people in the room, 2 guys and 2 girls. The one girl was like itching to have sex, i remember the other guy kinda being gun shy about it, so instead we went into a room to buy pot from the guys brother, and the dream faded.

I also remember being in the prison setting again,. All i can remember from it was the fact that i was there, i cant really remember how i got there, in the dream i knew exactly how it happened, just feels like its been a few 1000 "years" since then. I do remember how ever being like "oh its this dreamscape again, yay."

there was another dream that was a tad new and different this time. I can only really remember this one part, the rest of the memory is there i just cant seem to access it. well, we were in a video game kinda setting, even the area all around me looked like pixels instead of analog reality it. Well anyways i was watching someone else "play" this section of the "game" and he was telling me about an epic ass sniper rifle that was somewhere hidden in a hall, and if u had the rifle, it was more like an extremely high powered rail gun, well he used this gun to take down some sort of huge ass beast. and i watched it all from the safety of the high ledge that came from the hall.