Friday, December 9, 2011

Neverland met Wonderland

So last night i had a dream that i had peter pan like powers, mixed with Super Sayian and in the land of wonderland. The dream was rather intense and i actually hated waking up from it. All i remember is saving the mad hatter from these lizard people that were coming up from the sands. The dream started off as the mad hatter passed me in his crazy car shaped like a hat. It was almost Tim Burton style scenery. Everything was vibrantly colored and beautiful. The beastly's were equally as dangerous and ferocious looking but it was deff fun. I cant wait till gaming crosses the boarder of what reality is and i get to fully experience worlds like that.

Sadly alice wasnt there tho.

and neither was this place.. but this is neverland... minus michael jackson..

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  1. Odd. But i also look forward to the merger of games and unreality. It's bound to happen sooner rather than later, as we're still rehashing most typical fantasy and action genre games atm. Sci-Fi is still relatively open, thankfully. :D