Friday, July 29, 2011

Down the rabbit hole and back the infinite life we live.

Dreams, dreams, dreams, oh how i have missed you and now glad you have returned to me. I've talked numerous times about the side effects marijuana and alcohol have on dreaming. Short story, they hurt your dreaming while doing them but when you stop, your dreams come back like 10 fold.


The dream i woke up from this morning was one of the most clear non lucid dreams i have had in a really long time. I awoke walking into a small room with doctor equipment all over the place. I sat on the bed and waited anxiously as the doctor walked in. In that state i knew why i was there, and what was going to happen. The doctor walks in looking all dr'ish prepped for immediate surgery. He lays me down and puts what seems to be an anastesia mask on my face. My reason for being in there was to fix something wrong with my face, not anything new to me since i was born with a bi-lateral cleft lip and palate. The doctor silently rubs some local anastetic on the inside of the mask and i calmly follow the pattern. Sullying myself into the heavy hypnosis the drugs normally induce. While in that state of halfway there, i remember the dr starting to put something in my throat asking me to make vibrations with my voice at a certain pitch so he could fix it, i remember trying to say i cant do this but i will try, and he said "good good, just keep going, you are doing fine, ALRIGHT HOLD THAT YOU GOT IT" and  felt a small pinch as if he started to sow up something in my throat or perhaps just pierce it with a needle. Then he says "just stay just like you are, you are doing really really good, i have to get something and then ill be almost done, hang in there". Sitting there with this thing in my mouth i could feel with my tongue and teeth, and the small pain i could feel while swallowing, the whole time still feeling completely sedated. He returns after what felt like a few mins. He starts counting.. ONE, TWO, THREE, i felt a huge POP in my throat and I woke up in my bed instantly. First thing i did was swallow then feel for my throat. Everything was back to normal and here i was. in my own bed next to my gf, who i then woke up and told her about the dream.

This dream is actually just the last dream of a set of dreams that i had. I woke up earlier in the day with both of my arms completely numb around 6:30 am. In about two hours i had what felt like 6 hours of dreaming. Each one felt like a different life that i had steped into, complete with emotions and memories attached to that specific life. Like i had been that person many many many many times.

What if we really are not just one "person". Like for instance, in the reality that i return to in order to write this blog post could be just one instance in which i exist. What if when i dream, the self similarity property that everything in the universe adheres too also adheres to dreaming as continuation of life. Every life i go into is as complete with experience as this one is, with its own memories and loved ones. What if we are not only 1 person but infinite PEOPLE, and that is what makes us who we are, trans dimensional patterns of energy and awareness. What if we are all gods/universe . Dream experiences could prove infinite life. I think, every night when we sleep, we return to those lives and live just like we do when we wake up in this life. Its been so weird lately because my dreams have been returning, and it feels like everyone in those dreams are glad to see me, as if i have been away on some long trip, people asking me if i'm ok and i just blow it off like, yea im cool guise thanks for asking! Such familiarity on all of their faces. Certain times often feeling like this body i occupy right now is an avatar that i got lost into, where dreaming is the time where i can return and report my findings as if i signed up to be this person that i am. Perhaps that is what the indigo children theory is based on. Perhaps some of us really did sign up to be on this planet. Or perhaps this reality is just a simulation and since time is perceptive to ones surroundings and reality sampling, this whole life could ultimately be happening in just small instant.