Thursday, July 10, 2014

Love, life, and liberty are things we must fight for.

The dream started at some party, we were all watching a movie or something. There were 4 or 5 of us on a couch with a blanket over us. There was a woman who was sitting next to / sorta on top of me and I think her significant other was sitting next to us like 3 people down. I feel like everyone was drinking except the girl and I. I was stroking her thigh softly and discretely as if her and I had something going on.

After the movie went off she asked me if I could help her get some more party refreshments from a house across the street. So I did, expecting to make passionate love to this girl, we ran up the stairs but when we got there she got something out of a closet and handed It to me in a hurry. It was a chocolate rabbit that had a goodbye message written in it but she wouldn't speak. Then she started pushing me out of the door saying just go. I tried to stop her and grab her face to kiss her, but it didn't matter, it was goodbye. She was never mine anyways. As we were walking down the stairs she was hanging onto my back not wanting to let go. Once we got to the bottom of the stairs I turned her around and she asks, "Is nothing fair?!" and I replied, "NO! Love, Life and Liberty you have to fight for." We kissed passionately and I woke up.. And here I am typing this dream down.

Sometimes goodbye IS forever, which is why I hate saying it and always say see ya or have fun instead.