Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nightmare about my future baby

I seem to dream of prison frequently. Either way, my fiance and I were in some prison. Well i was in the chow hall which also resembled my middle school lunch room try to get food. When someone comes in and steals 2 chocolate milks and gives me one. Then out of no where a nurse rushes in to come and get me. She seemed so frantic saying. "she had the baby, she had the baby and its ok, the baby is ok." Im thinking WTF do you mean she had the baby she is only 9 weeks pregnant how is the baby still alive. Then i go into seeing my fiance laying on the bed looking passed out. The nurse walks me over to the baby. The baby is full grown baby, the eyes are huge and black, the baby is pale with what looks rotting flesh but you could see the baby breathing. It was so terrifying. The baby looked like something evil and i woke up sweating, breathing heavy and terrified.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Zebra girl and martha stewart wet dream with a jedi swift song

I dreamed that jediSwift released a new viinyl.. And it happened. HOLY CRAP. I also dreamed that i made love to Martha Stewart. And after that people i know were trying to steal her large supply of pain killers. Blew my mind.

And the link to JediSwifts new viinyl is here

oh i also dreamed of this zebra girl

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I was shot by a butthurt gangster at a station DREAM

At a gas station with the family and I was walking the dog bruno. I feel like we were on a family trip. Well some black dude walked out of the store and bruno jumped at him. Dude starts running his mouth and I'm laughing my ass off and waking away. The dog starts taking a shit on the concrete. Then idfk y but I hear a comotion and bruno drags me over to some mexican dude and his gf telling the black dude to shut  up because they were enemies. Black dude pulls out a gun they start exchanging fire and the butthurt black guy turns to me gun aimed making some gestures like it aint funny now is it. I let the dog go and went to run out the door behind me when the dream faded and I opened my eyes, here I am typing this dream down.

More facts about the dream . The gas station was in a parking garage it seemed. or perhaps an enclosed structure because the sun or outside was now dangerous. The black dude had a red bandana and the mexican had a blue one. The mexican girl had white skinny jeans and a black shirt with diamond studded belt with big gold earings. Also bruno the dog is a bull mastiff.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fight Club the DREAM

I often times dream of high school friends mixed up with friends from today. Last nights dream was no different. There we were, at a friends house, seemingly drunk perhaps. When we all decided that we needed some excitement in our life. Much like the plot of fight club. Then the chaos started, every man for himself. The main key i remembered was my class ring being still on my hand. After the fight i felt like my ring finger was broken and we all laughed about it. I woke up from this dream feeling the relief one feels after such excitement. The dream was amazing.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Swimming with the fishes dream

Walking around the closed aquarium at night with two girls and a shark.. No big deal, the shark had a monocle and a top hat. I kept asking him to put his pipe out so we didn't get caught. He kept making jokes like "this isn't a kitchen and yet theirs bitches.. Your point is invalid" lolwut.. His point made sense. So I didn't question it. Then we started discussing ancient aliens and how the idea seemed way more believable then God.. Then I woke up to my baby mama. She was still dreaming. :/

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dream Car chase that leads to a hipster bike chase in the snow..

I dreamed that i was DRIVING Frantically, as if i could feel his stank breath on the back of my neck. My silver ford escort was breaking down miss firing. Finally I lost him, i pulled into Enterprise to swap out my car when the escort sputtered to its doom. I tried to get it restarted but it wouldnt start. Then i could feel him as if he was creeping around the corner, so i peep over. HE WAS. OHHHHHH FFFFFUUUUUUUUU. I see someone riding a bike like this

so I decided to  i needed that bicycle. Soon as i knocked him off then jumped on it and took off. The weather changed. It was now snowing and raining at the same time. The bike was hard to pedal through the snow and i could hear the evil laughs of the maniac behind me. I hit a bump and fall face forward into a slushy puddle. Soaked to the bone now and shivering. To my left was a guard rail that was guarding entrance to a downward slopped graveyard. I started running down the hill which led to a trip and fall into a roll down the hill where i hit every single headstone on the way down.. Then I woke up.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hcg Boost Weight Loss and Pomegrante tree DREAMS

My First Dream:
I came to dream realization sitting in front of a computer working on a SEO project on a weight loss supplement known as hcg boost for some girl I met on the internet named Jessica. She had her boyfriend there who just so happened to be a dick, so i remembered in the dream that i was setting up payment insurance style easter eggs into the coding of the site because i kept getting the feeling that he wasnt going to pay me, at the same time i was also copying all the files from his Hard Drive with hopes of getting some n00d pix of said chick. Then i noticed this douche bag had a medicine bottle full of high grade refer which i then commence to stealing cause if i wasnt getting paid for my service i might as well get the reefer. This dream didnt seem to last very long and faded rather fast.

My Second Dream:
I was in a field of flowers and pomegranate trees. All by myself. I could feel all the flowers, and smell all the scents that fumigated the air to beautifully. This place was very tranquil. I went semi lucid and was aware of being dreaming, but the sites and colors were so vivid that they woke me up. I wish i could some how stay in this place as long as i wanted. Perhaps even get lost there.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Neverland met Wonderland

So last night i had a dream that i had peter pan like powers, mixed with Super Sayian and in the land of wonderland. The dream was rather intense and i actually hated waking up from it. All i remember is saving the mad hatter from these lizard people that were coming up from the sands. The dream started off as the mad hatter passed me in his crazy car shaped like a hat. It was almost Tim Burton style scenery. Everything was vibrantly colored and beautiful. The beastly's were equally as dangerous and ferocious looking but it was deff fun. I cant wait till gaming crosses the boarder of what reality is and i get to fully experience worlds like that.

Sadly alice wasnt there tho.

and neither was this place.. but this is neverland... minus michael jackson..