Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sorry so long

I have been very busy lately, and i guess updating this blog has slipped through my mind. I have been taking this intro to psychology course and we have been talking about dreams for a few weeks. SO im going to update the "lucid dream guide" blog with a really long post. I do however have some experiences to share today.

Few weeks ago while having quite a few beers with the bros, i started passing out. Well earlier that day around 12 i took a 3 hour nap. So my passing out was solely by alchohol. Being that i was at a party and didnt want written on i fought this sleep hard. Trying to stay awake as i lulled deeper and deeper into a WILD. I was on the couch and then i was standing in a beautiful field of yellow flowers with a cool breeze. Completely lucid, completely aware, with everything clear. I remember walking around for what felt like at least half an hour to an hour, when someone at the party made a crazy loud noise which then reminded me that i was indeed sitting on the couch. Sucked back to the top. It was like i at first, i knew i was sitting on the couch, then after being caught up in all the detail, i quickly didnt care about sitting on the couch and now this was my new existence. I tend to wonder if this is what death is like, our minds just go through continuation then stop giving a damn about what was in the past due to ignoring the past.

Also, last weekend pals and i went to the strip club and had a shit ton of beers. On the way back we home we gave some dude a ride home who proceeded to smoke a blunt with us. Normally weed just zones me out, it doesnt make me trip. Even if im drunk. Welllll not that day. I had my head down already for the trip, and staying what felt like conscious the whole time i started going off into my thoughts. Having what felt like 100's of dreams in 100's of comes of different experiences. Vivid and clear as what we call reality. So real that in one of the dreams, we were in the same car, driving on the same rd, and we hit a tractor trailor dead on, then my eyes snap open and i inhale the biggest breathe, and i was riding in the same car, on the same rd, and in this instance, no semi.