Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nightmare about my future baby

I seem to dream of prison frequently. Either way, my fiance and I were in some prison. Well i was in the chow hall which also resembled my middle school lunch room try to get food. When someone comes in and steals 2 chocolate milks and gives me one. Then out of no where a nurse rushes in to come and get me. She seemed so frantic saying. "she had the baby, she had the baby and its ok, the baby is ok." Im thinking WTF do you mean she had the baby she is only 9 weeks pregnant how is the baby still alive. Then i go into seeing my fiance laying on the bed looking passed out. The nurse walks me over to the baby. The baby is full grown baby, the eyes are huge and black, the baby is pale with what looks rotting flesh but you could see the baby breathing. It was so terrifying. The baby looked like something evil and i woke up sweating, breathing heavy and terrified.


  1. lol, the baby picture made me smile. I rarely have bad dreams like that.

  2. You have a knack for posting scary pictures and getting me to see them during the scariest hours of the night. No kid.

  3. people keep dreaming that i got possesed bt the devil.
    Keep blogging:)

  4. I was about to go to bed.