Saturday, June 16, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse with out Bath Salts

I had the most epic dream series last night. Zombie apocalypse. Like, this agency (probably umbrella lol) was trying to condition me to forget who i was, and forget how to speak nshit. but i refused. I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote down.. "your conditioning is weak, i know who i am, l2pavlov lol" and the nurse freaked out, took something out of my mouth and said SAY THAT. but all i could say no matter how hard i tried to say anything else was. MY NAME IS CHRIS FRANKO, next scene, i some how escaped that holding place and found myself in a downward traveling elevator with two doctors that seemed to be helping me. Well he reaches down and sticks a needle into my foot for some reason and says he is restoring the blood flow to it, i was like shit, sounds good to me. And i look down and my other foot looked like it was starting to decay, and when i showed it to the man he started to freak out saying, oh god you are infected, you are infected and i have your blood on me, im going to be infected too, i have a family i have a family, oh god. I was like YOU.. IM INFECTED, MY FOOT LOOKS LIKE ITS ROTING OFF, he was like stfu you will be fine it will heal in a second just look, and i looked down and i was healed. The doctor was soothed a little more, saying, obviously they were testing the virus on you and your body was the only one whos accepted the virus's  synergy and didnt decay rapidly like the millions of others who had been infected, that i was basically the Aphex of humanity. Well then the elevator comes to a stop and opens up to a science lab. I walked over and found scissors which i then broke and took the larger side and concealed it like an assassin in my shirt. I was already dressed like everyone else in the facility cept for my lack of footware when i proceeded down the hall and towards the exit. At the end of the hall was this huge dome like structure sort of like the entrance to the building in irobot, had stairs, the companies logo, etc, well i went down the stairs and started walking with the masses out of the complex, i walked up to the first gaurd and took the scissors to his throat, he droped like a sack of potatoes. then i walked through the detectors, they alarmed and i ran out the door and escaped into a world of people that were all morphing into zombies.

So it was like this facility took in a bunch of people, infected them, and then set them lose after they brainwashed them to forget the whole experience. Like one huge zombie social experiment with out bathsalts. Must say. Best dream in a long time.. Crazier then that is, it happened in my brain, in an alternate reality. So the dream was as real as this reality is, but only in my brain. ^_^

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