Monday, July 2, 2012

Imaginary friend of a schizophrenic

The series of dreams started with my awareness coming together in a baby delivery room. This makes sense because my woman and I will be having our first baby due July 21st. Anyways, in the dream, Heather wasnt having the baby we were just in there watching other woman have theirs. Then i decided to go explore this area and i woke up in a very large gymnasium where their was a bunch of children playing various sports. I seen some children wrestling, and because I was a wrestler myself I walked over and started talking. That dream faded and the next thing i know Heather and I were walking in the middle of some muddy looking field. This field had a wooden fence all the way around it. A few minutes into the walk I noticed we were walking on a farm. We came up to a really big white barn. There was a man in the barn loading up barrels with various types of farm things. In order to get from one side of the barn to the other, we had to navigate through a wooden labyrinth.. and It was nuts.

So I went back to sleep because I was still tired and had an amazing dream. The dream started out with some elaborate event thats just not really clear to me anymore. But in the dream, time rewound, and i realized that the elaborate thing that happened was the manifestation of a schizophrenic man (played by Jonah Hill) and then i realized that I was an imaginary friend of that schizophrenic man. I could see reality as it was in his mind and reality as it really was. In reality the "real" reality i didnt exist and Jonah Hill was a homeless schizophrenic. In his mind we were important business executive (spies perhaps) because i faintly remember an explosion in the first event. Anyways. The events would manifest as he found things on the road. He found a name womans name badge, and then I seen him change into that woman. At the same time though, he was still himself, the homeless crazy guy, and I was still the same imaginary being. Next thing I know we are in a corporate building walking up some white marble stairs and into glass and marble elevator. The elevator was huge with like 10 doors and buttler's guarding those doors. The buttons were made of gold and illuminated blue with the names of various corporate entities above the doors. We pressed alot of buttons and the elevator butlers didnt really seem to mind. Then i felt the elevator elevate to a floor. We got off the elevator and I realized we were on the Womens Cancer floor. Then I seen him signing into one of the computers with the badge and I walked into a lab to look at research. Then we walked into a dodecagonally shaped maroon velvet room that I couldnt get out of. Each side of the room had one button that open a really small elevator door, unlike the really large illuminated elevator from the previous elevator, these ones were really dark with only a few buttons. Then one of the doors opened up and a man walked out then into a hallway that appeared out of no where. I asked him before he got out of sight if the elevator would take me to the bottom floor. We got into the elevator and i pressed the button and we took off. It felt like we were free falling.  When we reached the bottom, the doors opened into the lobby and I was woken up by a guest arriving at my house.


  1. Fat Jonah Hill or skinny Jonah Hill?

  2. I would freak out if I dreamt about Jonah

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