Friday, September 8, 2017

The Future - personal drones, floating cars, timezones

wow the dream i just woke up from was incredible. It felt more like a memory than a dream though.
So I was in the future, like 30 or 40 years maybe. Everyone had personal drones. When the drones needed charged they just flew off and a new one would appear that had the previous ones "memories". So the data on them was stored 100% in the cloud. Also everything was more uniform. So most people have the same access to technology.
The cars were really metallic and triangular. The roads were more like tunnels and these cars would zip through them automatically but I dont remember there being tires, instead, the cars floated above the road So they were being guided electro magnetically, like some trains are. They also got their power the same way. They didnt use gas or anything they got their power from the road.
OH also, man, what made it feel like such a memory was, there are these stores called "timezones" where basically you go there and they are huge, multilevel buildings where everything and everyone is from a specific year. I went to one for "2012" and it was just like time traveling. There was also this self integrated AR experience. So you could skin reality, but this was different, this was more of a tangible thing. The only technology allowed in those zones were time specific technology. Like the show West World kind of. I couldnt tell if there were robots.
When I went to the timezone it felt comforting. Like home. Then I woke up.

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