Friday, January 21, 2011

New Blog in my dream network looking for lucid dreamers

I am working on a new blog, a blog that will help one to learn how to lucid dream, you know by reading my post from this blog that lucid dreaming is possible, but not always tangible. The more you try to lucid dream, the more lucid dreams will become natural. It is like rediscovering your imagination and your will to create. Through the understanding of lucid dreaming i have realized things about waking life, and have found many similarities. That should be expected though. Dont you just love the property of self similarity reality uses. All Hail ITERATION!

So if you are a lucid dreamer, and have some insight and techniques, get in touch with me, and you can write an article!

Url for new blog:


  1. would you recommend anything like melatonin?

  2. I really need to work on my lucid dreaming skills! I will check out your other blog :)

  3. lucid dreaming is really interesting man
    great idea of a blog
    i will follow that one too

  4. watchman, melatonin usually made it hard for me to remember my dreams, but everyone is diff, i have adhd so my biggest problems is staying focused, if i drink coffee soon before bed, and go to sleep, my dreams are very nice