Thursday, September 8, 2011

Witches witches witches everywhere

Last night i dreamed of witches, as if my life was a living example of  macbeth or something. It was kind of terrifying. What is so crazy about the dream, is the fact that my girlfriends preacher Father was there trying to exorcise the demons that were possessing everything, and i was like "THIS SHIT AINT REAL". But he insisted that it was and he was going to shoot me with a water pistol filled with holy water. I didnt really know what to think or what to do, shit was getting REAL crazy.


  1. Hello! It's good to visit blogs about dreams. :) Since it is my first time here. Are you a lucid dreamer now?

    Deej of

  2. That particular witch terrified me when I watched the film as a child. She's still really creepy.