Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wild the way the mind works

Dream upon dream. Inception almost. I felt like last night this girl my mind manifested and I, had this crazy adventure. It was like we were locked in by this mysterious  compounds. Almost like a prison, yet free roam, and co_ed. Perhaps like we were quaritined by a questionable force, but more like for our own good and learning. Anyways, she started running away from me as if for me to chase her. This is when I went sort of lucid. And walked through two walls. She runs down this flight of stairs and I jump down them after her. Once this flirty game of cat and mouse ends at the bottom of like 10 flights if stairs we end up at the door way to a huge  dark launchpad, felt like we were in the wrong place. So I pulled  her curious ass back out of immenint danger, then woke up longing for a manifestation of my mind, wondering of  her safety.


  1. I once during a lucid dream, I did something incredibly stupid. Ask my subconscious what I fear most, boy I'm not doing THAT again.