Monday, November 21, 2011


Long time no dream. Whats up folks! So, ive been dreaming of a white Christmas.. Yea.. not really. Ive actually been having alot of negative dreams. TONS AND TONS of negative dreams. Last night for instance, I dreamed I was walking in the woods with some dream characters when we stumble upon an old shack like house. We walked into this dirty abode and it instantly felt like the house from Texas chainsaw massacre, well the decor anyways, not the size. Well i walk into this room and find a girl sleeping on a bed, or hiding, or ignoring us. Im not sure which. I tried to wake her up to ask her some questions (idky just my curious nature) and i heard some evil voice warning me to leave. So we start to scramble out when the girl, now up and out of the bed, looking like this....

Kills my dream characters then begins to eat them. Im trying to remain calm and start to become a little more lucid. I run up to a brick house and use one of my "lucid dream abilities" and teleport into the house through the bricks. Once that occurs i feel a little more safe then the dream fades..

Something else I am starting to notice. I have been dreaming alot about being in a sort of prison. Well its not really a prison, just a sort of encampment that I am not allowed to leave. The living quarters are co-ed. And i dont feel like im there for doing something wrong, BUT more like, im there to learn something. The dream-scape is reoccurring and always contains people I know. It almost feels like its a spiritual learning encampment.

I have talked about this before. The idea that when one sleeps they visit other versions of reality that they are apart of. Life inside of life inside of life. I have noticed that my dream-scape's descend in the same order they ascend. So once i go from dream one (waking life) into dream two (dreamed life) i will come back from dream two back into dream one. BUT they go way deeper then that. LAYERS BEYOND LAYERS deep of different lives that we live. Each life containing memories and people similar to the waking life. Fractals EVERYWHERE. To the brain, there is no difference in waking reality and dreamed reality. We learn from both, and in fact learn more from our dreams since dreams seem to dilate time.

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  1. God dammit man it's like 2am here. That's not a very healthy picture to look at around this time.