Saturday, August 2, 2014

Evasion plus one

in one dream, I started out arrested in cuffs (for what idk) but then i was like yo im dreaming fuck this arrested shit. so i just use my mind to melt the cuffs off when the cops went in the other room. Then i willed myself through the wall and could hear them like "wtf just happened" (the cops were elliot stabler and oliva benson from the svu show..which wtf man)

: then i was freeeee
: so before they could see me out the window i ran to safety. then was like my skin is now tan, my hair is now black, i have shades in my pocket. -bam bam bam- it all instantly happened as i said it.
: spoke that shit into existence. Then I was like there is a pink car with girls in it about to pick me up.
: "honk honk" look to my right, there they were, i just get in."
: the driver was like "hey girls this is the man i was talking about" one of the chicks says from the back seat "soooo is he just an ordinary boy or an extrordinary man"
: i reply, im pretty extrodinary these days but i wasnt always ;)

they giggle. then the girl sitting in the middle with glazed over eyes and huge pupils was telling me about a new drug she is trying and how i should try it. i was like nope, im good. then the dream fazzed out and i woke up at some random time in the night.

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