Saturday, November 29, 2014

Strange nightmares and OBE

I had a handful of dreams, dreamed i was in some sort of post-apocylapyptic prison for most of them. Reoccurring dreamscape for me.

at one point i was on a prison bus and had a secret phone well the lady bus driver seen i had a phone and she stoped the bus and came back to me demanding the phone, i was like nah fuck you so then she reached over and grabed my balls and started to squeeze them i was like WTF, so i started going off on her, then she let go and i went on this rant that i remember being funny but cant remember what was said.

this prison had a pool/watering hole sorta thing i guess we got clean at and there was a dead little girl with dark hair, and nun outfit at the pool that no one else could see but me and she was terrified and crying and the only way i couldn't be scared is if i just forced myself to smile while in her presense. Like i knew and understand her as a ghost but couldnt do anything to help her and she knew i could see her but she refused to interact with me.

i at one time dreamed my soul left my body in my bedroom and walked off away from me. like i was standing there looking at myself. I was laying down, in the third person, AND watching my soul look down at me all at the same time.

I also dreamed at one point that i was in walmart and seen Thomas and Ashley walk by so i ran after them to confront them. Once i caught up to them, they didnt notice me and i walked by rob alvez and said whats up rob, he was looking all greasy and shit and then T&A turned around. As soon as they noticed me they took off running and i couldnt catch them. I actually think this was one of the first dreams of the night,. So maybe i caught them and beat their head in which sent me to prison lol idk.

I also dreamed i was in a car with Krazie and he got us lost as fuck. Everyone in the car was also smoking buds... which then makes sense lol.

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