Friday, February 11, 2011

dreaming with my eyes open

so lately, i have been doing tons of hard work. work work work work work, thats it. and i feel as if i have been dreaming with my eyes wide open. as i mindlessly complete my task, i have been basically lucid dreaming while being awake. Is this "using my imagination" or schizophrenia ? Either or. Its been damn pretty fun.

I have been applying my lucid dreaming abilities to real life situations. This i believe is called the law of attraction. Crazy thing is, the new way of thinking has been effecting everyone around me. Its like i get to experience the life that i will too me, like a dream, but in reality, but then that makes you wonder.. What is reality?! Are we all just a dream character in Gods dream? If so then, What was this big bang? In my opinion, the begging was that original thought. "And then there was, because we will be"


  1. Yeah nice post.
    Inception was a cool movie, I totally went to sleep in one of my dreams just the other night! No idea what happened though can never remember much of my dreams