Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hcg Boost Weight Loss and Pomegrante tree DREAMS

My First Dream:
I came to dream realization sitting in front of a computer working on a SEO project on a weight loss supplement known as hcg boost for some girl I met on the internet named Jessica. She had her boyfriend there who just so happened to be a dick, so i remembered in the dream that i was setting up payment insurance style easter eggs into the coding of the site because i kept getting the feeling that he wasnt going to pay me, at the same time i was also copying all the files from his Hard Drive with hopes of getting some n00d pix of said chick. Then i noticed this douche bag had a medicine bottle full of high grade refer which i then commence to stealing cause if i wasnt getting paid for my service i might as well get the reefer. This dream didnt seem to last very long and faded rather fast.

My Second Dream:
I was in a field of flowers and pomegranate trees. All by myself. I could feel all the flowers, and smell all the scents that fumigated the air to beautifully. This place was very tranquil. I went semi lucid and was aware of being dreaming, but the sites and colors were so vivid that they woke me up. I wish i could some how stay in this place as long as i wanted. Perhaps even get lost there.

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  1. I like the second one. Sounds incredibly peaceful.