Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Apocalyptic chaos fades into a first memory

Apocalyptic Chaos
When my awareness of the dream coalesced into my current reality, i found myself with a group of random people hunkered down in a scummy looking mobile home. Armed to the teeth with rifles and hand guns knee deep in a feud with the neighbors. From the intel that instantly gathered from artificial "memories" in the first few seconds of awareness, the country was in utter collapse, government and military was no longer an establishment, and anarchy was the way of life. We were armed to the teeth because we thought the neighbors were encroaching on our food cache. After a few mins of deliberation i walked outside to find i had to walk on huge slabs of wood because the area we were in had been destroyed by some kind of flood, or similar catastrophe, the trees were stripped of leaves and looked rotted. and mud was everywhere. Everything looked filthy, even us. After braving it up and traveling to the neighbors house i found the house was completely empty. So we decided to go in search of them. As we were walking down the muddy hill our mobile home was resting on, i could hear faint foot steps in the distance. Then a decent sized militia of what appeared to be a few hundred people came up over the hill. From the left side an equal sized militia were walking down the hill. Instantly we felt releived because we knew they would have supplies and that we could join them. I remember feeling like i couldnt believe they were real because I felt like humanity was extremely sparse now. After joining their ranks and recieving cleaner clothes and a canteen of water, aswell as munitions for our weaponry, we began to march into the distance and the dream faded.

The first time our energy met
I walked into an old bank and walked up marble stairs, the railing was painted black and iron. When i got all the way to the top and wanted to talk to the loan officer. I needed his signature for something. Well after i got the signature i looked around and wondered. "what year is it?" so then i walked up to a teller and asked her. She replied with a confused look on her face. "Sir its 1953..." I remember thinking "OH damn i can make money with my insight of the future!" So i went to another tell and asked her if i could buy some stocks and maybe  few bonds with the loan money i just recieved. She said "yea but not here, your going to have to go to wallstreet." I remember asking her if i could instead buy gold and silver coins. She looked at me dumb again and said that i could, and she proceeded to find me some. I ended up with like 500$ worth of silver dollars, and 500$ worth of gold 50$ coins. On the way down the stairs I noticed two really attractive brunette woman standing at the top of the stairs. I walk over to them like the MaC i am and asked them if they knew how to get to wall street and would they take me. They said it would be fine and we started walking down the stairs. As we were walking down the stairs talking with each other the dream started to fade to black like they often do. I was completely aware that it was a dream ever since i asked the teller what year it was so when the dream was fading i was i was holding on to it. Something very interesting happened this time, i started to see flashes of one of the girls and I and the life we ended up having together. I seen a flash of our wedding day, of  holding her, intimate moments and i didnt want to leave her. Then awareness of this reality that im in now manifested around me.

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