Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mac miller and ice road trucking

A few hours of life has passed since I have awoken into the day from such a strange dream. All I really remember now is little flashes of the dream. The first dream I remember starts with me in the passenger seat of a huge  cargo truck. Like the trucks on seen on the history channels show Ice Road road truckers. The driver of the truck and I were speeding through a dark collapsing tunnel. Just as we near the end of the tunnel we pull through successfully into a winter tent city settlement of refugees. Why this frozen encampment existed was beyond me, but I remember there was a food tent because it was the first one I went too as my cargo of liquid fuel was taken from the truck. Then the dream faded.

The second dream faded in from the infinite darkness no me standing in the mall with my wife in between a bench occupied by two people and a,marry go round. I could hear the ambience of the faint music  in the background and lights were flashing everywhere. As I focused in on the two people sitting on the bench one of the people became clear. The person was the rapper Mac Miller. He was signing t shirts and charging ten bucks for a piece them. My wife  criticized him for it and walked off. So I walked over and sat down on the bench.. "yo man ur cd macadellic is bomb, I've got the cd in my car.. I make music too I go by jedi swift on sound cloud." He then hands me his, phone and invites me to open up for his next concert. I was mind blown then woke up.. Haha weird dreams right?

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