Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Smoking a Cigarette at Grandmas House

As the title suggest. The dream wasn't very exciting. The dream coalesced in my grandmas backyard. I was underneath their gazebo cleaning off their gazebo furniture. For some reason I was smoking a cigarette and thoroughly enjoying that cigarette. I remember lifting up the lining to some of the furniture and washing it down with the gold water from the hose and scrubbing the dirt off with a Brillo pad while my grandfather watched sipping lemonade and telling me how good i was doing. My grandma  said, "Chris you don't need to be smoking those cigarettes, if I can quit, anyone can." I replied, "Ya know, i'm not even sure why i'm smoking this cigarette because I don't even smoke.." Then my mom chimed in. "He says he doesn't smoke but i always see him with a cigarette, so i'm not really sure why he says that." Excitedly i explained. "I dont! I swear, Ask Heather!!!" Then the dream faded and i woke up to tell Heather of my dream. She laughed and here I am telling you about it.

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