Friday, January 7, 2011


First dream I remember is being in a hospital, getting ready to have surgery on a bunch of stuff dealing with my face. Having panic attack after panic attack, I explained to the person I may have a few drugs in my system, whenever the first part of that dream ended, and I came back to it, there was no one around, it was me in this room, waiting anxiously to receive some versed to ease my tension and anxiety. They never came so I searched for them, no one was any where, and I stumbled into the operating room, and even that was dark and empty. This I woke myself up rolling over.

Second dream was, I was back in the military/prison place, in this room of two bunks, parallel and seperated by a window on the wall, well I started to get the window open, and some how when I was in mid kick to get the bars out, all my dream characters appeared and I was in poisition of attention another room away looking in. While my superiors/gaurds were doing inspection, where they found my escape attempt. Then I woke up just now until this reality where I'm writing down my experience.

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  1. man interesting dreams
    i wonder what they mean

  2. i always suffer from anxiety dreams the day before a big exam

  3. woah scary stuff, hope you get some nice ones tonight man

  4. Intriguing. Would like to hear more. Nice blog!