Saturday, January 1, 2011

I have been slackin

The dream i just woke up from, was of a friend and i eating "wild edibles" that i learned were edible from survivorman. Idk how we got there or why we were there but we were eating thehm lol, and they were so tasty.

How did i get there? The previous dream before that, or sometime in the night idk but sequentially it seems to have happened then, anyways, it was 4 people in the room, 2 guys and 2 girls. The one girl was like itching to have sex, i remember the other guy kinda being gun shy about it, so instead we went into a room to buy pot from the guys brother, and the dream faded.

I also remember being in the prison setting again,. All i can remember from it was the fact that i was there, i cant really remember how i got there, in the dream i knew exactly how it happened, just feels like its been a few 1000 "years" since then. I do remember how ever being like "oh its this dreamscape again, yay."

there was another dream that was a tad new and different this time. I can only really remember this one part, the rest of the memory is there i just cant seem to access it. well, we were in a video game kinda setting, even the area all around me looked like pixels instead of analog reality it. Well anyways i was watching someone else "play" this section of the "game" and he was telling me about an epic ass sniper rifle that was somewhere hidden in a hall, and if u had the rifle, it was more like an extremely high powered rail gun, well he used this gun to take down some sort of huge ass beast. and i watched it all from the safety of the high ledge that came from the hall.


  1. The video game dream sounds cool. It would be badass to be in a video game :D
    Happy New Year!

  2. you have some crazy dreams dude... railguns are never in my dreams

    happy new year!

  3. man nice dreams
    i wish i could have some like those

  4. I'm doing something similar. Definitely looking forward to seeing more!