Monday, January 31, 2011

Can I get a helllll yea dragon ball lucid

So last night, after watch Dragon Ball GT (see side note 1) for like 2 hours, meditate before sleep. Why? Because I find it helps the lucid dream process. Anyways, after doing about 30 mins of "you will dream tonight, and you will be conscious off that dream, and you will dream about being inside the dbz world, you will do this etc..". The only dream I remember having last night was the DB realm one. It was severely bad ass. When I came to consciousness, in this world with even my dream characters flying around, it was pure brilliance. I feel like I had a shared dream with someone, and we were communicating. I remember us both agreeing to be dreaming, and he was trying to show me a door to go through. I went through it and dont remember what happened after that. Now that I think about it, perhaps it was he that told I me we were dreaming, causing the lucid. Im not sure of how it happened, but i know it happened lol. Till next time. oh btw support a dream, leave a comment, ill support back!! remember the 30 second rule.

oh sorry for the dream not being very exciting, it was to me at the time, because i could feel everyone having power levels, but no real action occurred, maybe tonight i will try and do something bad ass.

IRL Side note 1: after episode 17 of DB:GT, and they changed the characters voices from the funamation ones i wanted to kill people. the narrator sounded like a complete idiot. Maybe it was just my download that I have, and it wasnt real important to the supplier of the download, but damn it, it effed my whole day up, i was like WTF IS THIS ISSHH! Threw my laptop down and stomped it a bit. no jk, but i was let down a little bit. Enough to be complaining now I reckon.


  1. If you get a Dragonball-themed lucid dream, be sure to bang Bulma.

  2. man you should definitely fire a kamehame the next time
    and yes, how could you miss bulma man!

  3. It is awesome :D

    Remembered of course :)

  4. maybe you should try watching the matrix and have a dream about waking up in the REAL world. It would be like the matrix backwards... some kind of paradox I think.