Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wrestling almost...

The dream i just woke up from, was the beginings a wrestling match, i went with my little brother, who durning this time was in highschool with me also. The tournement was an open tournement so they said it would be ok if i wrestled also, i was excited and all geared up. The host of the tournement came to our locker room to tell us good luck and such, and it was just typical locker room getting ready to slaughter some kids on the mat. then i woke up to check the time and yea.. its time for me to wake up =( oh i atleast wanted that first match.


  1. Cool. I hate it when you have those dreams your trying to hit someone but you punch in slo mo.

  2. it would be too cool to have the match
    exciting dream

  3. My brother was a pretty good wrestler back in high school. I always wondered what it would be like to step on the mat and give it a try.