Friday, December 3, 2010

12/3/2010 - Felt like Vin Diesel in Babylon A.D.

This dream was fairly strange, because right off when i came to in this realms, there was gun fire from every corner and children that i had to protect. Not just any children, but children that were special some how. They werent mine but i was in charge of protecting them from these people. Pick up a gun, execute someone, go to the next target. I remember this went on for what felt like hours. Until some how, one of the projections hard one of the children at gun point. Then it went to like a final fantasy type cut scene. I went lucid for sheer seconds, and willed energy in between the gun and the child. Like a wall of high density bullet proof glass. He fired, the energy absorbed the blast, i drop the protect and sent a blazing bullet in between the projections eyes then the dream faded. Mission was complete, and i jumped into another dream.


  1. ... then you raped the children, right?

  2. i'd give anything to have a final fantasy dream, or really any dream where i can be lucid... i suppose i would make several large breasts appear... not the women, just breasts