Monday, December 27, 2010

Girl from school

My dreams lately have been so hard to remember. Im not completely sure why, only speculation. Either way. One dream that has been bugging me this morning was a dream of this girl named Heather. We go to the same college, and i see her pretty frequently. Every time i see her, the warmth of her smile aimed in my direction is enough to melt my frigged interior, bringing me back to life for those few seconds. Like a phoenix down she exist.

In the beginning of this dream, there she was, so close that i could smell the subtle scent of her perfume. We were in some two story house, and my whole extended family was there, everyone from my step dads side of the family. This seemed to be a sort of family get together, perhaps a party of some sort, but she was there, and i was exclusively trying to talk to just her, trying to see what was in and on her mind, the rest of what was happening, was happening in a blurred sense in the background. Well a few minutes had passed in the dream and her boyfriend showed up, like he does in real life when we are in the library and im battling my will to talk to her. In real life, this dude treats her like she is his property, he yells at her nshit. Anyways.. He appeared in my dream (figures). I found out in the dream why he kept appearing, because my step dad kept ratting me out to him. Well there was a moment, when everyone seemed to have disappeared from the house or something, her and i were in a room about 15 ft by 20 ft, there was a bed and other typical bedroom things as well as woodgrain everything, i think she was laying down when i first got in there, and she was slightly weeping, explaining to me softly that she is tired of him, and would really like to be doing something different. I laid beside her, gently tracing her lips with my finger tips, wiped away her tears, and as she snuggled against me like i had hoped she would for so long, her boyfriend comes in and starts freaking the fuck out, well they disappear from my dream scape all together and i was feeling so let down by life that i remember punching huge ass holes into the walls of that particular room i was in. Then i woke up, rolled over and drifted off into another dream.


  1. Sounds to me like you have a crush, but you already know that. ;)

  2. This dream definitely shows you have a crush and the boyfriend is an ass.