Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lucid Dream Challenge - The Switch-a-roo

So my dream recall has been really really crappy for the past few days. Like i remember dreaming, just not remembering what is being dreamed. Oh wellz. I will post a challenge for you readers. This is one of the first things I taught myself when lucid dreaming. I call it the good ol switch-a-roo.

Manipulating dream space for some is no easy task. They dont get the concept that you cant force the change, you have to will the change. One has to accept what is being changed, and just know that it will change. For instance, your in a bar setting, but you think, "aw i dont think i have money" now what you have to do is look for it, know that you have a big bag of money somewhere, you just set it down, remember how big the money was. AND it will appear. but before u can run, you must crawl. So here is my challenge.

Lucid Dream Challenge with instructions:
 Change something in your hand into a butterfly. In waking life i always have change so this is very easy for me to accept something is in my pocket when i reach. If you are a girl you might dream of having a purse with you. Next take the small object in both hands, and close your hand around the object, close your eyes and tell yourself when your hands open you will see a beautiful butterfly out. Now open your eyes, then your hands and watch it fly away.

The objective is to realize that in order for things to happen in the dream world, it has to seem acceptable. You have to have faith and know that YOUR WILL will happen the way you will it too. Mastering ones own will is to master the dream realm. Think of yourself as god and in the universe you exist in ALL THINGS are possible and happen at your will. like you are pharoh with magical powers.


  1. I can't do that... as soon as I go to bed I sleep like a rock

  2. sounds interesting. Will have to try. Followed.

  3. I really gotta start working on my dream recall