Sunday, November 28, 2010

11/28/2010 : patterns emerge

The dreams I remember from last night. The first one I came to consciousness in a boat, like a boat one would see a native rainforest dweller of south and central americas. I had a wife with me and our child. We were trying to get somewhere new, perhaps back to somewhere old, I'm not sure. What I am sure of is the fact the boat kept filling up with water. Like we would hit a wave and warm water would just fill the boat. It did this until the boat sank along with my wife and child. While the people on the river bank watched and didn't help. Wouldn't help. And idk if they even cared to help.

Then I came too in some sort of baraks/dorm room. I have been this person before I'm sure of it. I have dreamt a few times of this. I'm always the sort of person that forgets what's supposed to be going on and shit. While my roomate always fills me in. I'm always late to the classes. Trying/suceeded to have sex with the womenz in this co-ed military foundation. Anyways we were in our dorm, talking shit about our task for the morning time. And how we had to wake up at 4 for some PT. I remember him going to shower, then the dreamed lapsed time, and I was feeling late for our tasks. I run out into the hall, realized I'm wearing regular clothes. Kept trying to force the outfit to change with my mind. It wouldn't. Then I found myself in a four way hall. In the ladies showers, and they are all looking at me like whaaaaatuuuuup. I became lucid at this time, went and made out with a few of them like a boss, I started slipping from this being, but remembered to spin giving me a few more clear minutes. Ultimately I drifted back off into the unstructured space of just exisiting as energy in darkness, then I woke up with recall like damn.

I'm really starting to realize with this journal that I'm having very repitious dream sequences. I'm creating or either tapping into building blocks that are already built by my subconscious. Whole worlds that truly exist. Meeting persons places and things that are oblivious to my very exisitence. But are their because I created. These are extentions of myself. It makes me wonder. Could we all just be but an extension of the entity and cosciousness that makes up god. Can this reality in which we live not be a simulation, perhaps a huge dreamshare. While our real self is all of the same original starting mind. But what if that mind is dead in its current state, so the only way to keep survivng as consciousness is to create forward. Oh if I could just figure out how to dilate time in dreams. I'd stay for days and years. Its a way to truly be immortal.
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  1. Dreams are one of the biggest wonders of the world and it will be questioned forever. I think you should check out the movie Waking Life if you haven't man :D

  2. maybe you were conceived in a dorm room. also, remove the captcha please.