Thursday, November 11, 2010

11/11/10 - Military and Showers

I woke up.. asking myself how did I get here.. Well let me regress to what i remember.

The begining of my dreaming journey last night from what i can remember is.. I was in the military and it felt like we have been walking, exploring for hours, i remember walking through a kind of abandoned city, and the enemy was Asian, they were hiding under hay in barns, and in rooms as we walked by they poped up, after securing the area we move on, and i find myself climbing the side of a super steep hill and the only thing to grasp onto was the mini tree's that were growing out of the side, aswell as the green moss like plant life attached to the rocks and dirt. We get to the top of this steepness, we see a pond and it was the first time we have seen water in hours, most of us run to this pond and start drinking from it, others go for a brisk swim, and i remember thinking to myself, why.. its so cold out here.. then we rendezvous inside a building where we get in rank, and the CO states did i know the order in which to line up, and i remember saying, no.. i didnt, and he proceeded to show me, then i woke up slightly and checked my phone to realize it was only 2:30 a.m. so i closed my eyes and drifted to somewhere.. (Ironic today is veterans day)

Next dream in the sequence i remember... Also the one that i just woke up from..

I was in some sort of apartment, or hotel room, more like a hotel room the more i think about it, also side note, i just noticed that ive been in this apartment/hotel room setting before, this exact one too, multiple times now that i think about it, i even referenced it before.. hmm

any ways.. I remember someone being in the shower and they walked out, and i decided i needed a shower, i remember this person stating "ima get my trade mark ready and go out the door" and he ment his mustache, i remember knowing that he was going to court, and he was with some girl that i understood to be his girlfriend. The shower was of neutral temperature, and i remember stealing his shampoo (lol) then i hear BOOM BOOM thump thump boom boom, so i run to the door (i just realized i was automatically dressed..) and kept trying to peep out of the peep hole but couldn't see anything, then someone else was magically in the room also and we discussed that it sounded like dogs running in the room next to us, the same one we broke into (in a previous dream) from the balcony to explore because it had been abandoned for "years".. Then the dream started to fade and i woke up (i think lol) and it was my bull mastiff running up and down the stairs in my house.

I didnt go lucid, but i did just realize some of the stuff that are similar and reoccurring! =] onward we go!


  1. Were you ever in the military?
    When was the last time you took a shower in waking life? :D

  2. I might start writing down a dream journal so I can start getting better at lucid dreaming, it's supposed to help alllloottt.

  3. Whoa, i seriously got interested in all this - maybe i should start leading one of these aswell. You had me googling for a while about dreaming, there. Followed for future updates! :)

  4. @properfish yea man its legit, and super amazing after you can go lucid. Ive had a hyper lucid experience and it blew my mind. I literally felt like god of my own universe. perhaps we are all apart of gods dream ya know? i'm about to write a post about that in a few.

  5. Lucid dreams are pretty crazy, so long as you don't wake up feeling tired from doing active stuff