Sunday, November 14, 2010

11/14/2010 - First Lucid since Journal Begining

Well last night was another one of those, mind racing, soul wondering type of dream experiences. Shapes swirling, nothing concrete except raw experience. Out of the foggy wondering of the colorful 6 senses , i recognized something with the "How did i get here" method. I didnt know how i had got there, and also something i did in the dream i immediately recognized as not being possible in the waking plane. What that was i cant remember, i do remember however being different people in layers of dreaming because of the how did i get here method, and having dreams with in dreams. I remember and started noticing the transitional state between dreams, i guess going lucid from that repetitious pattern, idk.

Maybe that was the purpose of last nights dream, was for me to create a dream out of dreams, and add another piece of evidence for the fractal nature of the universe. Or perhaps, those are some of the fractals of my own consciousness, those literally are me, in other lives that my own mind created. Those are universe's that i get to interact with because i generate them, infinity. What if, since ive already created them, they are forever there, in their own universe, a bing bang caused by a thought, in the rippling nature of the universe, it existed. As much existed as i exist right now. As an electronic charge and magnetic waves.

Time only exist because of how its felt and compared to the surrounding imposition. Time is created when consciousness is created, simultaneousness they coexist, because consciousness will create time in order to keep track of memory, and to be able to order things sequentially, in order to learn. Learning is created when consciousness tries, in a plane where consciousness always succeeds, there are no limits, and the universe consciousness creates will be limit less, adding law becomes limiting, to create is to control. Learning enlightens the controller. Once enough control is gained, time becomes extremely apparent. I wonder if in the dream state, knowing that one does trans-dimensionally exist through the dimensions one creates, will allow for greater clarity when in these other existences. If we could trick our internal time keeper to autotune into theres, then perhaps time dilation will occur enough for memory recollection/generation/lucidity to begin in depth.


  1. I'd love to learn how to do lucid dreaming. Got any good links/guides?