Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11/16/10 - A Night of Clarity

Im going to start this entry by listing the various places i remember being, also i do remember going lucid twice. Not for very long though.

Places i traveled too in no order:

 Long Cane Middle School Gym, i remember being in there watching two people playing basket ball, a white kid and a black kid, i remember trying to dribble a ball half way down a court, ran out of breathe, shot and missed, i remember traveling the hall to go to the bathroom at the end of it.. then i was some where else.

Lucid One:
I remember being at some sort of family get together, tons of people, and i became aware of being here, then i tried to levitate, after that, i knew i was dreaming and even made objects around me levitate, like a glass of soda,  made some of the other characters in my dream world stop and watch to validate that it was happening, then some how i got sucked back into the dream by the gravity of the dream, and i had to go dump a huge container of shit that i knew came from an RV.. why, idk, ive never done this before.

One of my dreams, i obtained a fairly large bag of what i understood to be cocaine, in my dream i put in my car, behind the seat, this one item stayed with me my entire decent into the dream planes, always in the back of my mind, like i knew it would be safe there until i got back.. I DONT EVEN DO COCAINe!!

I remember being in an apartment that had a mattress on the floor, i remember my mom was with me also, and on the television in this apartment was a friend of mine from my childhood street who is the bassist for Straight Line Stitch now, and then he was in the apartment, and i didn't want to sound like some groupie, so i didnt even mention to him that i just seen him in a commercial. i remember the faint sound of some sort of calming music in the background.

Towards the night time and end of this vast experience, i find my self back at the get together, with the first dream, like all the other dreams stemed off of the first one, anyways, this is the final dream of the night. It was dark, people were all coupled up around a central source of light, it was a mix of people, that i assumed were people and or friends of the other people there, now that i think about it, i believe i only knew like 2 people, perhaps. They were all talking about something, and i put in my two cents, they dismissed my idea, and then wouldnt even let me finish, getting louder and louder, i remembering ending up back at my car, pissed off, about to fix the problem ,i reach for the sack of cocain in the back of my seat, i turn the lights on, and remember thinking, "im turning them on but the damn lighting isnt changing" (i should have went lucid from this but i didnt) i check and see if its still wrapped up the exact same way it was when i got it, (which seems like 100's of dreams before) i unwrap it, grab something to snort some, my car starts driving itself down the hill on which is was parked, i didnt care, i was in a "fuck it" kind of mood. got to the bottom, snorted a spoon full (lol).. woke up. here i am writing this entry.

There is also a handful of other places that im remembering, but only just the place to i remember, like, i remember seeing tons of people from my high school and childhood days just in no particular order, just them being in dreams, just parts of it, sometimes it seems like the whole dream only happened in a time realative to the time im experiencing now, even though the dream experience felt like hours. I literally felt like ive been doing other things for days now, and ive been asleep for roughly  10 hours. Perhaps relativity is the reason why some dreams seem like blips, because the mind wasnt recording it down as fast as it was happening, but  in that state of now, time is irrelevant unless ones consciousness is experiencing time on a higher plane then one is existing on the current plane.

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