Friday, November 19, 2010

11/19/2010 - LUCID - India Experience

Documentary induced lucid dreaming, shall i invent this?!

A few hours last night before bed, I turned my folder of documentaries on random and just let the documentaries play in the background while i blogged vigorously. After getting tired i decided to just go to sleep and leave the movies playing.

There I was, in a childs room, maybe a teenagers room. The room was decent in size but i dont remember a bed, just everything else that is usually in a bedroom, minus the bed, perhaps like an extraroom or a pool house? Not very sure, the lighting was decent, like middle morning. I remember becoming lucid as instantly as the dream  was created clearly. It was super vivid. I was so aware, that i remembered to do a few reality checks, like rub my hands together, i even read what was on the dresser, it seemed to be in a different language, BUT IT WAS CLEAR! and readable in this state of existence. I looked in the mirror but i wasnt quiet myself, i was younger, thinner, with darker hair, but i accepted it thoroughly. I remember thinking to myself, this would be crazy if as soon as i become this clear and lucid ill be stuck in this room.. So i went over to where i remember the door being, and it was gone, melted into the wall, i was like "DOH!" I believe i even face palmed.. No worries, ive been wanting to try something anyways. I walk to the mirror and touch it, it was solid as a mirror should be, I have experience willing myself through solid surfaces before to I put my hand on the cold glass, and will my hand through it, it was so freakin sweet haha. Normally if i want to walk through a surface like that i have to close my eyes, so thats what i did. I close my eyes and step through the mirror into the rest of the house. I remember there were a few rooms with people, the rooms were plain, and looked more like a completely different place then what the room i just left was like. I remember looking for the blond girl of passed dreams, like on this plane of existence i know her immensely. Perhaps we are lovers, or friends that i wish were lovers, im not sure, havn't figured it out yet. Once i found her, or someone like her, i woke up.

This is where the India Experience comes in too the India Experience. After the previous dream fades into the next, i find myself in a tent, in the middle east, with three families, listening to two men talk about breathing techniques of yoga and ancient other things. Gods and goddesses. Religious stories. I remember being concerned that their dog might fight with my dog. That i was thankful for their family accepting mine into their tent. I couldn't understand how we had got there, or why we were there, i felt like something insane had happened to the rest of the world, but i was accepting of it. Like it didn't matter. What mattered was working together, rebuilding, and over coming what ever happened.

Then i woke up, and realized the men talking were on one of the documentaries i have about yoga and breathing techniques that ive never even watched before hahaha. Still sweet how they entered my dreamscape though so subtly.


  1. haha that is great man. I always end up waking up when I realize that I'm dreaming. Maybe I will attempt your technique but with pron tonight :D

  2. Good stuff. I always get way to excited when i realize im dreaming and controlling everything and wake up

  3. That's really cool. I wish my dreams actually had substance like yours.

    All I ever do is run around meaninglessly.

  4. A while back I made the mistake of doing everything I can to induce lucid dreaming. Now I do it every night and it's pretty tough to get up in the morning... Odd to think that you can close your eyes and go back to a weird world that you can sort of control and sort of not.
    I'm tired a lot.