Sunday, November 21, 2010

11/21/2010 - Shots fired

I just woke up from this dream, a kind of nightmarish one. There i was, in this protected building, like i was a spy that somehow gained access, or i was a prisoner and they forced my access. Either way, i remember this super important person walking by with a bodyguard on either side. I remember feeling a certain personal dissatisfaction for this person. So when he was half way down the hall, the gaurd beside me had a kind of rifle with a bayonet, i punched him in the face and ninja'd the bayonet out of his hand, soon as it landed in my hands i sited the gun up on the back of his head pulled the trigger, watched him fall, and proceeded to evacuate the building through the best possible route. I knew as soon as this person had fell id have hell on top of my head.

For some reason, even when im not lucid, i know how to use the skills that i acquired from lucid dreaming. Such as willing objects to my self, and being able to fly/levitate. I dont know why these skills dont always jolt me into lucid, but they don't for the most part.

So tHere i was fleeing the building were i just assassinated somebody of high importance. I kill 2 gaurds on the way out, scale the side of the red brick building by willing my self up. Once on the first layer i knew they could see me, i remember knowing what i did was really bad but necessary and before long they would catch me, i felt like they knew were i was, so i scaled the second layer of the building, same, got to the third layer, found a hole that i could wedge my self into and shimmy down, kinda like a big chimney. Once i jumped down i felt the security of being free and i woke up to the sound of "300" playing on my computer. =]


  1. I have dreams like that too...they irritate me lol

  2. was it a dream within a dream within a dream?
    did you wake up and you were still awake and the spinner kept on spinning!? O.O

  3. i dont think there was a false awakening, because when i wake up i do reality checks, just for that purpose. i did forget to spin though. security felt like my leaving point.