Thursday, November 18, 2010

11/18/2010 - dreamless night

So in my last post I mentioned marijuana stealing the wind from my dream sails. I'm starting to really see why this is possible. My theory is, if one is awake, and smoke marijuana, their waking state FEELS like the dream state. So im thinking that once you make it to the dream state, the sedation's brain scrambling effects takes out the need for R.E.M ,since you have literally been doing this the whole time you were under the influence while awake.

The research I have done, is suggestive to the tendency for the body to bounce back with hyper/prolonged r.e.m. once the drug has left the body. Before starting this blog, i went from a chronic marijuana users, to cold turkey for 35 days. In the course of those 35 days i noticed the dreams started to become longer and more vivid as time passed. I currently have enough nug for a few bowls, so hopefully ill either dream tonight, or for sure tomorrow, im a poor man so beating the udge to buy more is impossible, I HAVE NO MONEY FOR MORE!

After a few days ill lose the immediate want and focus all that energy into MILD and WILD times (bahaha).

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  1. Dont smoke, have better dreams and better health + more motivation? SOunds like a Win win win to me! (office reference)