Thursday, November 25, 2010

11/25/2010 - Planes and Mayhem

So how did i get here. Well i believe i just woke up. The text im typing is clear, reality seems like reality. Who knows. One of the many dreams i had last night had to do with being in an airplane. Well the way it started was, I and a few other people were outside next to a pavilion when we had to board a small carrier, next thing i remember is actually sitting in a plane that from the inside looked more like a school bus. So essentially we are riding the magic school bus and it feels unquestionable. Well the driver starts having an insanely difficult time keeping control of the aircraft, turbulence is throwing the plane around, he lands on a strip of open high way but since everyone is complaining and up roaring he takes off , nose dives then  pulls up real quick to put us back into flight. This didn't feel like it lasted very long and the next thing i feel and could see out of the window was the pilot taking out the left wing on the side of a building, then the right wing on a telephone pool. Hovering only feet off the ground he manages to land the plane safely, on Old West Point Rd in West Point Ga. The road looked just like it had my whole child hood. We landed right next to Smitty's Cycle, and i remember telling the pilot he could just let my ass off right there, i dont want to play this game anymore lol. Then i woke up and for the rest of the night i dreamed about wanting to dream. Dreamed about laying in my bed. Maybe that is why some people feel like they dont dream.

I remember there being tons more dreams from last night, just none as clear as the airplane one.

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  1. That's like an intense dream! Being in airplanes are scary! man I have an amazing idea from a WILD yesterday, but I forget to write it down...I got to start writing down my dreams to get this sorted out :)