Monday, November 22, 2010

11/22/2010 - no clearity only autopilot

Yesterday i decided to clean the yard.. all day. Burned tons of leaves. Heres a touch of proof from the pyromania. Anyways, I was beat. I remember dreaming about using blogger.. ugh lol. like i never stopped working on the project i was working on. I remember I used to have this happen when I was programming my poetry social network . Algorithms that i couldn't create would haunt my dreams until i solved them, waking up with the answer. Like my brain was on auto pilot until the equation was created to do what i needed the site to do.

I do remember a tiny nibble from one dream. I remember having to fix a computer. I remember looking into the case from a 3rd person view of myself doing it, while someone else watched me, we were replacing a HDD, and we talked cmos, and as soon as i look at the cmos battery, my mind started the creation process of the traces in the motherboard, zipping down slightly behind light, as it builds around my consciousness, or as my consciousness builds the fractal branching tunnels. Then i zip into another dream, or dream state, perhaps even sleep state, because i don't remember much after that except blurry existence.


  1. Nice, I don't think my mind can recreate a motherboard from memory, although it has recreated entire songs while I sleep and briefly hear upon waking up (usually if I get disturbed).