Friday, November 26, 2010

11/26/2010 - BLAH

So i know for a fact i dreamed last night, all night. Tons and tons of dreams but i will be damned, i woke up 30 mins ago after a night of concentration and focusing on remembering the timeline of the dream, then my mom barges in my room while i was coming out of a dream, startled me, forcing me to lose concentration, and their for losing my entire night of dream recall. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGERAWEIRWEJFAE. I do remember laying down in another dream and waking up in my bed thinking that it was going to be the other room. I do know there is something that i experienced so clear that i could draw it, and the image in my head is locked in my mind somewhere. Im going to lay back down now and try and recall.

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