Saturday, November 13, 2010

Deja Vu : Showers

My first post
11/11/10 - Military and Showers 
  disucussed a dream about being in some sort apartment, hearing something in the next room ,kinda came true last night i have pictures but no way to get them from my phone to the internet. well i could email them to myself but.. that would take so long,.

Anyways, this damn hotel room, at the econolodge, was like, straight out of a freaking tim burton movie. Red fractal patterns on the couch and floor that makes you appreciate acid. Green computer chair that looks as if Willy Wonka should own it, we found a busted crack pipe in the drawer. Sweet place. Great lighting. Heater was nice and hot. Smelled like an ashtray. Our maybe a dirty bong, i think both.

Grey Goose, blow, and a few hookers later.. jk bout the blow..I find myself drifting off into this, what seemed like portal to this dreamscape that was contained to that room, like i remember from the dream realms that i could walk on all sides of the room, and it was a collective conscious dream. I wasnt the only one trapped in this paradox. It was one of those wondering dream realities. Maybe there is a connection.