Saturday, November 27, 2010

WILD 3 times : witches nstuff

I was at someones house, that was ontop of a mountain, and decided I needed to walk home in the snow, after walking for ages, I seen cop lights and started walking to them, but then everything went pitch black, I thought I woke up in my own bed and walked to the bathroom, but on the way back to my room I noticed porn playing on a computer screen, then I woke up again.

I wrote everything above then decided to try wild. Annnd

Just went wild 3 times. First time I found myself riding in the back of a truck, it was super clear, I remember just looking around at the complete clarity, and how beautiful the day was. Then I slipped out of it, forgot to spin and stay.

2ndd one I found myself on a college campus at night, looking for my brother and a girl named caroline, they went down a flight of stairs because they were enchanted by a "witch" of sorts. She had their them enchanted with their hands in holy water as she gained power by stealing their life force, then the dream went into movie mode and I witnessed the witch pull some sort of thorn out of her side and it turned into satan, who gave her a crossbow. Then the scene changed again and I'm on top of a house waiting for her to get back, I shot her with another crossbow and bolt then slipped from the dream.

3rd wild I came too in a house full of local people, a girl named sharii and her molerat looking husband were laying on the couch. Folks laying on the floor, etc. I woke them all up and forced them to know that they were dreaming, trying to help them become lucid aswell. This dream quickly sliped also.

I also remember being in some sort of co-ed college dorm room, looking out of a window at my grandma, mom, and aunt all talking and laughing about, and their were cats.
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  1. sharii don't like it xD that music just popped in my head when I read it xD

  2. I dream about what your dreams are going to be.

  3. The second dream sounds very mystical like a fairy tale.

  4. Dreams can be crazy, crazy shit. It's kind of fun trying to analyze them according to dream diaries, though. Even if they're completely out of left field.

  5. What is "going wild"? Sounds awesome, I haven't been lucid dreaming as much lately, which is good.

  6. WILD is Wake Induced Lucid Dream. So like when wake up, take a piss, then go back to sleep and go back to the same dream, and you know your dreaming while u drift back into it, well if you have lucid dreaming experience, its going from this world, and steping directly into the dream world, its one of the more difficult tasks. I want to be able to just lay down for a minute and go to a world that ive created. I swear, i wouldnt give a damn if i got lost in the idea of limbo that Inception paints.